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The best ways to save more with Booty Bands

You may have given thought to deploying a piece of at-home athletic equipment. It doesn't have to be something bulky and clumsy. After all, you can still be among regular gym-goers, cannot you? But when time is tight, it is best to have an alternative. And what kind of solution can be better for a gym-goer than a bunch of colorful cute feminine dumbbells and barbells? Booty Bands offers such wonderful products to make your sexy strong and too-much-fat-free.

It isn't just training equipment that you will get. Booty Bands isn't just the supplier of at-home athletic equipment. This is the team of fitness-savvy people who will look into your health and fitness goals. Once their assessment is over, they will elaborate on a workout routine for you. It will be a personalized training curriculum. If you turn out to be strongly committed to it, the Booty Wall of Fame will show the rest of the athletic community how your pooch was replaced by a perfectly flat athletic tummy.

Booty Bands still stand guard over your need to get tight and toned. It is a women-founded, women-led brand that perfectly contours the needs of women.

Discount Policy

Gambling isn’t a good thing. But the sort of gambling that Booty Bands offers won’t make you a wasted gambler. You bet nothing. Just as you can win nothing. But if Lady Luck turns out to be giving you the green light, you can score up to 12% off your first purchase. If it happens to be your lucky day, type in your email address in a box and hit the green “Get Coupon” button. Your prize is all yours now.

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Cast an eye at the area above the navigation menu. Booty Bands' front-end software people have put up a sign for you. It reads "Cut fat, keeps your curves". Do not shift an eye to the area right above the sign. This place serves as a landing spot for headline-hitting special offers, including discount codes.

Set the course to the homepage of Booty Bands' website. As you sail down the page, drop anchor next to the "Our Best-Sellers" sign. This area shows cases of the most longed-for items. Almost all of them have a discounted price. 

Your point of destination in the quest for discounts is Look for the “Booty Bands Promo Codes & Coupons” page. It stores all Booty Bands’ promo codes and other special offers.

Range of Products

A gym is the best place to work out. Almost everyone agrees with this statement, even those who have a full-scale at-home gym with treadmills, bikes, bench press benches, barbells, dumbbells, squat stands, and multi-purpose strength training cages. But what the base of every gym are dumbbells and barbells. This is all you need for a full-scale workout.

After your purchase the tools and fuel (protein and other sports nutrition), you will get to book a call with one of Booty Bands’ coaches. You will talk her through your health and fitness goals. She will elaborate on your suggestions and work out a personalized workout routine.

Shop Booty Bands by the following product categories:

  • Barbell;
  • Dumbbell;
  • Home Gym;
  • Protein;
  • Nutrition.

All dumbbells and barbells are made to last a lifetime. The weight plates are saturated pink, turquoise, and deep purple.

Other Benefits

Get results or your money back. If that pooch and jiggly fat doesn’t go away after you complete Booty Bands’ workout routine, the company will pay your back to the last penny.

Pay for your order in full or in four interest-free installments via Afterpay.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • Shop Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • G-Pay.

Pay by card via:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Items in stock arrived in 3-5 business days. The shipping fee depends on the weight of your order. Bands, apparel, and nutrition qualify for the fixed shipping rate of $4.99.

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