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How to use a coupon code on Protalus?

  1. Select the Protalus promo code

    In order to apply the Protalus promo code, select the most profitable option and copy it for future use

  2. Go to

    Go to

  3. Choose the needed products

    Start shopping by choosing insoles, enter your purchase criteria and placing the product in your shopping cart.

  4. Checkout

    Start placing an order using the special field after going to the cart.

  5. Apply promo code

    Find the field for your promo code and add your unique code. Just apply it to your order.

    How to use Protalus promo code

  6. Enjoy shopping

    Now you can enjoy the beneficial total amount of your purchase!

The best ways to save more with Protalus

You will find many products to help your legs and feet distribute the load correctly in the Protalus online store. Orthopedic insoles and corrective products will help reduce the load on the knee joints, as well as relax foot muscles that most often get tight when walking. With all the passion for the best things and effective results, the company develops products that provide relief and help maintain health. Protalus insoles are specially designed to reduce the impact of your walking, allowing you to align your body from the foot bones all the way through your body. Each product is laboratory tested to confirm the effectiveness of insoles for health and wellness. A huge variety allows you to choose insoles for your specific purpose and your features.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

Submit a request for auto-delivery of your insoles and indicate the frequency of receiving the desired product. At the same time, you will receive a Protalus discount for each order you place. Keep track of ongoing sales and promotions in the online store.

Range of products 

The Protalus range of products includes insoles for everyday, sports, shoes, work boots, insoles for shoes with heels, classic shoes, and tight-fitting models, there are three types: men's, women's, and insoles for youth.

Other benefits

Sign up on the site in order to receive welcome Protalus bonuses - a 10% discount and an opportunity to become a member of the club. Participants will be the first to know about new arrivals and ongoing exclusive events.

Payment information accepts major bank cards, PayPal, and AmazonPay.


Protalus free shipping is available for all orders throughout the continental United States. Standard delivery is carried out in a period of 3 to 5 days, there is an expedited delivery option. Protalus returns are accepted within 90 days.

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