1.How can I find a store on the site?

Option 1: Enter the store name in the search bar, e.g adidas
Option 2: Enter site address, e.g., in the address bar

2. How can I use a coupon code in an online store?

Click the code to copy it or highlight the code, right-click, and copy. Then, paste this code on the store’s webpage when forming your order and get a discount.

3. What are valid and expired coupon codes?

Valid coupon codes can be used at the moment of forming the order to get a discount. Expired coupon codes most likely don’t function anymore, but there is always a chance they still do. :)

4.How can I submit a code?

Click the "Submit a new coupon" button attached to the right edge of the website page. Fill in the following fields:
URL of the store: If you are submitting a code from the store’s page, this will be filled in for you. 
Type: Specify the type of the code
Code: Enter the coupon code
Description: Describe what this code provides, e.g. 10% off New Collection
Expire date: If you know when this code expires, please, enter the date. By doing this, you will prevent us from stocking expired codes. If you are not registered, please, enter the sum of numbers in the picture.

5. How can I add my store?

Go to “The Offer for the Stores” and click “Add your store”. To complete, please do the following:
– Sign in or register.
– Add the site address.
– Verify the store with a special code.
After the moderator’s check, your site will be added to


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