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How to use a coupon code on Lilac St.?

  1. Choose your item

    Add Lilac St’s starter kit and whatever else you want to the cart.

  2. Go to the cart

    Hit the “View cart” button in the upper-right corner of the page.

  3. Proceed to the checkout

    Check the cart and proceed to the checkout.

  4. Enjoy the result

    Enter one of Lilac St’s promo codes in the “Gift card or discount code” field and press “Apply”.

    How to use Lilac St. promo code

The best ways to save more with Lilac St.

You know that those eyelashes are fake. But you cannot believe your eyes. They look flawlessly natural. And your wallet lends wholehearted support to your consumer behavioral model (let's look smart and speak like professional economists). You don’t hate to rush into a salon to fix your eyelash extensions every few days. Lilac St’s eyelashes stay on for a week or even longer!

Glue. Lash. Fuse. Seal. This 4-step guide and 10 minutes of your life are all it takes to change the way you look for at least a week. Long eyelashes make a huge difference. Some people are lucky to be born with one. Most of us need Lilac St on our side.

Discount Policy

Buy more, save more. This type of special offer isn't typical – you aren't going to find it that often. But we like this one a lot. In the case of Lilac St, you can save from 3% to 10% on some products. For example, buying 3 Feather eyelashes will give you 3% off. For 12 articles of the same product, you will have 10% off.

Scroll down the homepage of Lilac St’s website in search of honey-sweet stuff. What you are looking for is supposed to have the “Sale” label attached to it. Lilac St’s front page displays best-selling eyelashes and new collections. Some items from those categories may come along with sales prices.

Join Lilac St’s subscription plan to receive monthly Lilac St’s boxes with up to 40% off on eyelashes.

Scroll up this page until you see the “Lilac St Promo Code & Coupon” entry. There will be a handful of Lilac St’s spry promo codes and other ready-to-use special offers below the entry.

Range of Products

Lilac St offers eyelash extensions, tools to set them up, and accessories. Shop Lilac St’s web store in the following product categories:

  • Lashes;
  • Accessories;
  • Getting started (starter/travel kits);
  • Subscription (you will get monthly subscription boxes).

Other Benefits

Pay in 4 interest-free installments for orders over $50 with Shop Pay.

Join Lilac St Rewards and earn points. Click on the “Rewards” entry in the main navigation menu to go into details.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • Shop Pay;
  • G-Pay.

Pay by one of the following payment cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Orders over $40 qualify for complimentary shipping across the United States.

Visit Lilac St.

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