How to Organize Your Child During Online Classes

There are times when a student is forced to switch to distance learning due to some unforeseen circumstances. Now that circumstance has become quarantine provoked by the Covid-19 pandemic. How should parents behave to help their children? They need to take a responsible approach to the process of organizing a workplace for classes and a daily routine. We’re offering 7 helpful tips to facilitate this stressful studying process.


1. Create a cozy working space for your child

The most important things you have to fix are a good internet connection, working webcam, microphone for video communication, a comfortable chair and a well-thought-out workplace. Being surrounded by beautiful furniture and cool accessories makes your child more motivated and interested in the learning process. Buy beautiful colorful notebooks and pens, decorate the child's workplace with something that will inspire them. DiscountReactor has tonnes of back to school deals that offer discounts up to 80% off for you and your child to buy the best items for studying at affordable prices: from modern computer devices to cozy furniture and fashionable apparel.

2. Make a schedule and follow it

Distant learning is so different from school. It is important to maintain your child's usual daily routine. Plan your school day, keep in mind regular breaks, conversations with friends, and avoid practicing in pajamas with messy hair. The discipline cannot be ignored if you want to set up an educational process. You also can use motivational posters and calendars. A colorful schedule will not only cheer you up but will also help you easily follow the timetable. For more templates check out that offers 25% off on any calendar during theBack-to-School Sale or Vistaprint store where you can find any type of banners with 30% Off.

3. Wake up your child at least an hour before class

It's quite easy to sleep off when you don’t have to leave home, don't let it happen. Teachers often start homeschooling lessons at 9:00 or 10:00. Before the start of classes, the student should take a shower, have breakfast, change clothes, and tune in to a working mood. Do not let your child sit hungry and unwashed at the monitor, nothing good will happen.

4. Reduce distractions

Save your child from other noise while he or she is studying. Disable pop-up notifications on your smartphone and computer, do not allow to use social nets during the lesson. Pets also are one of the distractions of distance learning. How can you not pick up your beloved cat or pet the puppy while studying? But these actions make it difficult to concentrate on the lesson. Therefore, during the classes take your pets to the kitchen or to another room so that there is no temptation to cuddle them.

5. Exercise a lot

During 15-minute breaks, the child can jump, do exercises, stretch, and hang on the horizontal bar, which is very beneficial for the spine. Children are very active, so you need to direct this energy in the right way.

6. Prepare healthy snacks for the student in advance

A child during his studies should not be distracted and go to the kitchen for sandwiches. Prepare healthy snacks - nuts, fruit bars, smoothies. But don't let them have a full lunch during the lesson, that’s disrespectful. Students can have lunch during the break only You can find recipes on the internet and make it yourself or buy it online. For example, all kinds of healthy snacks you can find onLuckyVitamin with huge discounts (up to 60% off!).

7. Remember that your child needs to rest

During the break, invite your child to take a break from the computer. Cuddle your beloved pets, go out to the balcony to get some fresh air, tell you how was the lesson. A good choice would be drawing or printing antistress coloring pages. If you have no ideas, there’re plenty of solutions at Discount School Supplythat also offers up to 80% discount on school items of any kind.

Don't worry if you have chosen distance learning. The first week is the most difficult when you both have to get used to innovations. The main thing is to create a suitable work atmosphere: cozy furniture and modern computer devices, beautiful school uniform, checklists, and habit trackers to improve discipline, bright calendars, and motivating posters. It's all easy to do with DiscountReactor! Check out now if you know about all our promo codes and Back To School offers in more than 80 online stores!

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