The quarantine can make people depressed. No wonder, you should stay home 24/7, which makes all the days feel the same. So, you just wake up in the morning to see that your personal Groundhog Day starts again. However, there are a lot of ways one can avoid a boring routine. Previously, we’ve listed 5 online services to make quarantine life brighter. And this post will tell you about another way to better the isolation time - eCommerce site design. It brings a quick and simple solution for anyone who wanna promote online.

What Is an eCommerce Template?

Have you ever noticed there are more and more active websites appearing? It happens because the website-building process became affordable. What is more important, it also became super-easy. Nobody builds their site from scratch today. Users of all ages and skill levels use eCommerce themes and templates to set up their projects.

To make a long story short, a site template is a set of pre-styled pages. They come with various code-free features, content widgets, and more. People can work with the items without having any extra knowledge, and that is what makes templates so popular.

When it comes to eCommerce themes, they offer more ways to design a website. Theme’s pack usually includes numerous layouts to select from. They come with different styles and include rich sets of customization options. By getting a website theme, you can run several websites at once.

Premium eCommerce Site Design: Where to Download?

Remember the COVID-19 home survival guide we included in one of the previous posts? Learning new skills was one of the options you have when staying inside. So, website creation is a brilliant opportunity to better your life right now. There is no need to waste your time! Let’s try something new and useful instead.

How to craft a striking eCommerce site design? The modern online market offers tonnes of supporting services. Below we will show you 4 trustworthy places to purchase themes and templates.


Basically, TemplateMonster is one of the first companies providing ready-made site templates. They work with all modern platforms, including the next:

  • WooCommerce,

  • PrestaShop,

  • MotoCMS,

  • Magento,

  • Shopify, etc.

You can see the full list of available items on the screen above.

All the products have a drag & drop content editor in packs. Among the other features, you can see the following essentials:

  • Responsive & Crossbrowser Compatible Design,

  • Search Engine Optimization,

  • User-friendly Navi,

  • Live Customizer,

  • Optimized Loading Speed + Lightweight Design,

  • Readable Typography,

  • Pre-designed Page Layouts

  • Sortable Gallery or Portfolio,

  • Blog with Tags, etc.

Also, there are lots of trendy features, like Parallax Scrolling, Counters, and much more. These themes come with regular updates, which means you can get all the recently appeared trends for free.

As expected, these products have many eCommerce-oriented features. To illustrate, you can enrich the shop using these features:

  • Collections & Lookbook,

  • Featured Products, Top-rated Items, New Arrivals,

  • Intuitive Search,

  • Ajax Compare & Cart,

  • Wishlist,

  • Quick Product Preview,

  • Testimonials, and more.

As you can see, TemplateMonster offers everything and anything to create a catchy eCommerce site design. Still, their gallery contains products that cover any topic. You can choose from the following topics:

  • Business & Services,

  • Fashion & Beauty,

  • Food & Restaurant,

  • Medical Templates,

  • Design & Photography,

  • Cars & Motorcycles,

  • Sports, Outdoors & Travel,

  • Entertainment & Games,

  • Art & Culture,

  • Books & Education,

  • Real Estate Templates, etc.

Thanks to the visitor-friendly gallery, one can quickly find the very product. Just select the needed platform type, topic, or feature to see the available themes. Whatever you are about to choose, the variety is going to be extra rich.


Here is another worthy place to look for the future eCommerce site design. As the name of the service says, this marketplace contains MotoCMS themes only. They come with all popular categories, including the next:

  • Society & People,

  • Technology,

  • Creative,

  • Fashion,

  • Medical & Healthcare,

  • Industry, etc.

Products from MotoCMS have a free trial period. You can launch a shop and use it for a couple of weeks to make sure you need it.

When it comes to features, you also have everything needed. Premium Moto themes contain all the must-haves listed above. It looks like they do take care of the technical side of the website.

You get the next:

  • Visual Editor,

  • Design Blocks,

  • Customizable URLs,

  • Interlinking,

  • Live Chat, etc.


In case you prefer Shopify themes, visit their website. These products allow one to use an eCommerce site design for free for 90 days! Like the named marketplaces, Shopify themes fit multiple business niches.

The themes are 100% code-free and contain all the essentials. Just enter your email in the corresponding field to get access to the item you like. You have 3 months to see how all the features look in action for free.


There are 3500+ eCommerce designs in the TF gallery. You can select from the next platforms:

  • PrestaShop,

  • Magento,

  • Shopify,

  • OpenCart,

  • Bigcommerce,

  • osCommerce,

  • 3dcart, etc.

Use filters to find the needed eCommerce site design immediately.

ONE Membership

This option is a ready-made solution for designers and web design agencies. Would you like to further the working flow? Try ONE Membership! It gives you access to numerous digital products. You can see the list above.

ONE allows users to work with top-rated themes and templates. You can use premium add-ons and other bestsellers.

How much does it cost? You have 2 options to unlock access to 16800+ items.

  1. Yearly access costs $19/month, which makes $229 yearly.

  2. $849 is the price of lifetime access.

With ONE, you can use tons of items with no limits. Craft as many projects as you want and even more.

Where to Download Free eCommerce Templates?

Before everything else, check the TemplateMonster gallery. They have almost 400 free eStore templates. Though they are free, these products come with everything you may want to use, including the next features:

  • Responsiveness,

  • Social Options,

  • JX Lookbook,

  • Grids & List,

  • Mobile Layouts,

  • Testimonials, etc.

Do you want to see more free eCommerce templates? Here is where you can download them!

  1. Colorlib

  2. WebsiteBuilderExpert

  3. Shopify

  4. FreeCSS

In Closing

For many years, website building remains the easiest way to develop various business types. Well-known brands spend big money on online marketing. Here is one of the most eye-catching examples. To promote new products, Samsung spent $11.2 billion last year. Still, big players are not the only ones who use online strategies to succeed.

In fact, a smartly crafted eCommerce site design is essential for beginners. No startup would survive without a pro online project these days. Although there are many site-building, advantages, less than 70% of small businesses run a website. It lookslike it is your chance to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Here are only a few reasons to run a site for business.

  1. Prospects got used to web technologies. They are most likely to google a company before using its services. That is why we recommend you to work on the site to make a nice first impression.

  2. Also, it is easy to make the brand more recognizable by designing the project in the corporate style.

  3. Quarantine is a lucrative time to start selling online. Most online store website templates come with a pre-packed delivery feature. With it, your customers can get products even when all the shops are closed.

  4. When built properly, a website would increase your audience. You can translate the site content to make it multilingual so that there would be many more prospects to see the project.

  5. Customer feedback is what prospects are looking for before shopping. You can get this and other must-haves ready-to-use.

Now, when you get familiar with eCommerce websites design, it is the right time to consider a UX/UI web designer job openings at Jooble.