Easy DIY ideas for denim shorts and jeans

Easy DIY ideas for denim shorts and jeans

Your wardrobe is full of clothing, but you still think you have nothing to wear? Or maybe you have a favorite pair of jeans that you can’t wear anymore but at the same time you don’t have the heart to throw them away? We have some great news for you. Our team picked the best trends for denim shorts and jeans you may wear in 2017. Moreover, we want to introduce you some easy ways to redo your old pair of jeans into a new stylish clothing piece. All you need is a bit of time and patience, some household tools and desire to make something with your own hands. If you don’t have such a desire or you are out of time or you are a too passionate person for pulling out thread by thread you may find our selection of online stores with ready-made fashionable jeans and shorts quite interesting.

Ripped knees jeans

ripped knees jeans

One trend that this Summer stays in a wardrobe of all fashionistas is ripped knees jeans. You still don’t have a pair of such jeans? It is a must-have! Have you been sleeping for a few seasons? As soon as possible take a boring pair of jeans from your closet and a marker or a chalk and scissors from your drawer. Put the jeans on and mark a line where your knees are. Then put them off and make a tiny cut in the middle of this line. Make sure you cut only the front side of the leg. Then start to cut across the line until 1 inch from both side seams. Try them on again. Do you think you need bigger holes? Go forward! Just keep in mind they will get bigger and acquire more distressed look after you throw them in the washer and dryer.

Some ripped knees jeans you may find at American Eagle Outfitters.

Unhemmed jeans

unhemmed Levi's jeans

The cool trend that became very popular this season is unhemmed jeans. They give your look a special boho chic. All you need to make such a pair: any pair of cotton jeans, seam ripper, scissors, and iron. Say goodbye to old not-fashionable jeans, rip out the ham with the seam ripper pulling out thread by thread. Then put out some threads from the side seams. Iron the bottom of your jeans. If you want to make more vandalized look you may cut a little whole right above the hem of your jeans, rip all the hem off the jeans and distress the unhemmed bottom to give it shabby chic look.

How to distress denim?

1. The first way is to use alternately scissors and tweezers to pull out little strings.

2. You may rub your denim with sand paper to make it look worn and ripped.

3. If you don’t have a sand paper at home, you probably have a nail file or a comb. It works similarly and gives your jeans or shorts the look you want without a lot of efforts.

4. And the last but not least. If you tried all the previous method, but it still doesn’t get desired distressed look, just put it in a washing machine and it will do all the rest of job for you.

Or just buy a pair of such jeans at legendary Levi’s store.

Asymmetric hem jeans

asymmetric hem jeans

Do you want to elegantly show your think ankle to everyone? You need not only get rid of the hem and but chop off several inches more. It will look very spicy if you try an asymmetric cut of jeans. For that just cut off rectangle shape with 2-inch height on the front leg. Fashion experts advise experimenting with the shape that you cut off. Try half of a circle or cut off a square on the inner side of the ankle. Distress the bizarre bottom of your jeans. Make it your own way and you will catch a lot of interested glances out to your extravagant denim.

Such styles you may find at SilverJeans.

Fringe hem jeans

Good American jeans with fringe hem

Are you a wild thing? Then wild wild west style probably attracts you a lot. This year top designers decided that besides tops and handbags, jeans also may have a cool look with a fringe hem. Don’t listen to anyone and try to repeat it at home. Start with cutting off the regular boring hem, mark with chalk or a thin slice of soap about 3 inches above the came out edge of jeans. Take scissors and cut vertical stripes up to this line. The thinner will be these stripes, the better fringe will work out. You may use tweezers to remove threads from ready fringe to make an extra fluffy look.

It is one of the most popular models of jeans at Good American shop.


cut offs from Lucky Brand

Getting quite hot, yeah? Take off your jeans and let’s make shorts out of them. Let everyone enjoy your beautiful legs and skilled hands. Above all, cut the jeans into long shorts. Try them on now. Probably you want to show more of your sexy body? Make a line with chalk or something like on one of the legs to create a shape of the cut-off edge that you want. Put them off, take scissors and cut one a little below the exact line that you marked. Fold the shorts in half and make a symmetrical cut on the second leg. The most popular shape this year is to cut a front side of the denim shorter and to make a rounded cut that is more open to the outside part of the hip. Give your new shorts distressed look.

Plenty of sensual shorts styles you may find at Lucky Brand store.

Acid wash denim

acid wash denim

There is a perfect way to make your old denim unrecognizable. All you need for that is to find a bleach, a bucket and a pair of gloves. Better to do that outside to engage sun rays to your masterpiece denim. Put on your gloves. Make a bleach solution: add 1 part of bleach to 2 parts of water in the bucket. Place your shorts or jeans into this bucket with a part of them lowered in the solution. Leave your old denim in the bucket for 2 hours. If you want a stronger gradient ombre look put some more pure bleach on the bottom of the cut-offs or jeans. Leave for one more hour. For another interesting effect, you may twist your denim and wind around with a tape, then put them entirely in the bucket. You may add the bleach solution into a spray bottle and spray it all over your denim. In this step let your imagination work. You may, as usual, give a more distressed look to your new clothing. After you managed to get the effect you want, wash them carefully without any other clothes, because the remains of bleach may ruin other your apparel if washed together.

Look for cool dip-dye shorts and jeans at 6pm and other mentioned above stores.

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