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Deal Take Duo Subscription just from $75/mo 06/30/2023
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    You can find a variety of offerings for category Sports & Outdoors. You should check the best-selling offerings first to gain an insight into the nature of the assortment.

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    We’ve collected related stores to Shvasa here. We understand that you aren’t going to look for related stores unless they have juicy special offers to present. Check the list we have assembled to discover stores with similar products accompanied by promotional codes, sales and other deals.

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    We would like to please you with 5 valid coupon codes and discounts to use at checkout. While abundant in quantity, the quality of some promotions is often lacking. But we collect and display only the most viable ones. Pick them up on our website.

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    Learn how to use the coupon codes of Shvasa on our website. The discounts are looking forward to greeting you. Follow a short step-by-step guide to save money and help your budget be less restricting and more empowering.

The best ways to save more with Shvasa

Who can better guide you into the world of an ancient (it is 5000 years!) practice of medication and breathing technique called Yoga than Hindu teachers? You can find other guides, of course, the stalkers of Yoga whose obsessive attention to the matter will show you every nook and cranny of this ancient Hindu practice. But who better introduces you to the variations of dancer poses or Bakasana preparatory poses than a Hindu Yoga artist?

By the way, they are looking forward to bringing your body, mind, and spirit to balance as we speak. This is how Shvasa Yoga Class works. You outline your goals to Shvasa’s Yoga-savvy people. They match the goals that other Shvasa’s customers aim for. You join the class of up to 15 (you can fork out for private classes as well) and start to promote your physical and mental well-being with Shvasa’s avid Yoga masters.

Shvasa deals and promotions

Discount Policy

Keep an eye on the home page of Shvasa’s website. You ought to be on the lookout during the time of the high-sale season (Black Friday, Halloween, etc.) and big holidays such as Christmas or the 4th of July included.

You may receive the notification of a thank-you email by Shvasa. Check the letter from top to bottom. There may be a coupon attached to it.

Check the “Shvasa Promo Code & Coupons” section on We keep the repository of Shvasa’s promo codes and other deals timely upgraded.

Range of Products

Shvasa’s Yoga artists will guide you to the world of Yoga in the two following ways:

  • Yoga classes of up to 15 people in a class;
  • Private classes (Yoga masters work just for you).

Pick an appropriate subscription plan and enjoy the ripe fruits of Yoga.

How to Use Coupon Code

A dancer pose doesn't seem to be rocket science. You are just balancing on one leg while the other one is lifted so that the foot rises above your head. You grab that foot with one hand and pull it slightly towards yourself. The freehand is stretching forward and upward. You feel tension almost everywhere, starting from the ankles to the neck.

Dance pose takes persistence, patience, and focus. And all the efforts will be rewarded. When practiced regularly (that's what Shvasa’s Yoga Classes are designed for),Dance Pose helps you to root out any muscle imbalances in the glutes, legs, and hips.

We’ve just gone into details concerning one Yoga pose. And there are hundreds of them. After all, this practice is 5000 years old!

To learn Yoga and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit, join Shvasa’s Yoga Classes at a discount. Use Shvasa’s promo codes as the guide below shows:

  1. Hit the “Sign up” button in the top-right corner of Shava’s website;
  2. Fill out the form to create an account (you can sign up with Google Account) and hit the “Start free trial”;
  3. Once your free trial is over, proceed with Shvasa’s Yoga Classes by upgrading to the paid subscription;
  4. At the checkout, enter one of Shvasa’s promo codes in a suitable field and press “Checkout”.

Other Benefits

You won’t just practice Yoga. You will learn Yoga as well. Shvasa heavily blogs about Yoga. See the “Blog” section. The more you learn, the better you understand how to use this ancient Hindu practice to your avail.

Payment Information

Pay online via PayPal.

Use one of the following convenient payment methods:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.

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