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How to use a coupon code on My Diet Doc?

  1. Select promo code

    For a profitable order, select the My Diet Doc promo code that suits your needs and simply click on the box provided to save the selected code.

  2. Go to the website

    Go to My Diet Doc.

  3. Click "Buy Now"

    Choose a suitable plan, click "Buy Now".

  4. Go to the shopping cart

    Place the product in the shopping cart after signing up on the site and familiarizing yourself with the product.

  5. Press "Checkout"

    Start the checkout process in order to use the code.

  6. Apply promo code

    Find the field where it is recommended to add a promotional code.

  7. Enjoy the result

    You will be able to receive discounts on your order immediately after entering the code.

    How to use My Diet Doc promo code

The best ways to save more with My Diet Doc

It is sometimes very difficult to get the desired body shape and lose weight. It is a known fact that desire is not enough in order to achieve the results, you need to find the right diet and work out. With the help of the My Diet Doc service, you will have a real chance to quickly gain the necessary knowledge that will help you lose weight in accordance with your individual capabilities. My Diet Doc nutritionists will develop a personal program based on the answers to the questions and give you all the necessary nutritional advice and support for you to achieve results. Everything will be taken into account in the process of losing weight, including the recommendations of a doctor who will determine what you need without harm to your health.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

My Diet Doc discount is sometimes offered for certain plans so that everyone can get a profitable opportunity to get the desired shape. Discounts are also offered on certain types of weight loss supplements.

Range of products 

My Diet Doc offers special weight loss plans created according to your needs. You can choose the best option, as well as the necessary active supplements that stimulate the process of losing weight.

Other benefits

Start your purchase with the opportunity to save. Each new subscriber receives welcome My Diet Doc bonuses on their first purchase, as well as priority access to all new weight loss offers and recommendations.

Payment information accepts all valid credit cards.


The price and terms of My Diet Doc delivery are calculated automatically at checkout, taking into account the destination, delivery method, and the weight of your package. My Diet Doc returns are accepted after agreement with the support service.

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