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How to use a coupon code on Merchbar?

  1. Go to

    Search for your desired item and its specifications from the categories.

  2. Choose an item

    Add Merchbar’s merch to the cart;

  3. Proceed to checkout

    Click on the cart icon. The cart summary message turns up.

  4. Apply promo code

    Type one of Merchbar’s promo codes in the “Apply promo code” box at the bottom of the message and hit “Apply”.

    How to use Merchbar promo code

The best ways to save more with Merchbar

The first question you can find people asking about Morgan Wallen is how he manages to stay in the blaze of glory? Though being a country singer, Mr. Wallen manages to strike a balance between alt and radio country. Mr. Wallen's producer Joey Moi says that his beloved client has filled a niche that is so sweet for him. And there is nothing to make you feel like it is contrived. Not even Morgan Wallen merchandise you can find at Merchbar.

We seriously doubt that American writer Kurt Vonnegut could have even admitted that a fiction substance he came up with in his novel Cat's Cradle would inspire a heavy metal band. But it did. Ice Nine Kills was born to make the adherents of rock and heavy metal headbang around the world wearing authentic Ice Nine Kill merch from Merchbar.

Merchbar offer always authentical merchandise. You can also find shirts, hoodies, bags, posters, jackets, CDs, collections, and accessories.

Discount Policy

As befits a merch store, there always has to be something, be it free shipping for selected items, a discount code, or up to 75% sales. By the way, their latter was underway at the time of writing this passage. You can collect the juiciest deals on the homepage of Merchbar's website. Amble down the page to locate daily deals and discounted top-selling items.

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The “Sales & Deals” entry is looking forward to coming into view. You can find it at the top-right corner of the page, right below the cart icon. This section rakes together all sales merch.

Look in on on your way to checkout. Look for the "Merchbar Promo Code & Coupons” page. It is the bulwark of discounts. Merchbar’s active promo codes and deals are brought to light there.

It happens all the time. We see a new band or a singer begins to grow on you, it feels like you are low on new merch. Merchbar will gladly fill the gap. The store has filled the niche of authentic merchandise from the powerhouses of the world’s music industry.

The greatest treasures of Merchbar's product assortment dwell in the Singed Items. This is the hall of fame. What kind of merch can be more authentic than the one sung personally by a person or a band it has been dedicated to glorifying? It is a rhetorical question, isn't it?

Range of Products

Merchbar is always official. The store offers authentic merch for popular bands such as Nine Ice Kills, Metallica, and The Beatles, as well as singers such as Morgan Wallen. The product assortment doesn't boil down to clothing. The merch is diverse. Check the full list of Merchbar’s product assortment below:

  • Vinyl Records;
  • Clothing (hoodies, shirts, jackets; tees, etc.);
  • Bags;
  • Posters;
  • CDs;
  • Collections;
  • Singed Merch.

You can shop Merchbar's store by genre (rock, heavy metal, country, pop, hard rock, R&B, Hip-hop, etc.)

Other Benefits

The 30-day returns policy straddles most items. Make sure that items you are going to order qualify for exchange or return in advance.

Payment Information

Pay online via PayPal or Amazon Pay.

Pay by one of the following payment cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Shipping cost and delivery time are calculated at checkout. 

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