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Many users see this series of tablets as a lighter and more comfortable (in terms of portability) alternative to MacBooks. It would be foolish to argue about this, although, after all, the original idea was not at all like this. One of the most important parts of this product is a specially released version of iWork, a great office suite. In this regard, the iPad can be effectively used for working with text documents, tables, and presentations. Moreover, there are Keyboard Dock and Apple Pencil that simplify and speed up your work as much as possible. This is why the iPad is very convenient for designers and other professionals whose work is closely related to texts and documentation in general. Of course, in addition to these features, the iPad series contains practically everything available to users of other Apple products. However, you need to pay well for quality. Though, if you find special offers and coupons in time, it can save you a fortune. Be sure to find a lot of them here in good time!
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