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Halloween is the scariest celebration of the year with various spine-tingling entertainments, such as trick or treating, carving pumpkins, watching scary movies, spooky parties and more. Halloween though popularly celebrated in America is believed to have originated from ancient Celtic religion in Europe and Britain. I bet you didn't know that the people wore costumes and made a bonfire to fend off evil spirits and ghosts roaming around earth during Samhain festival. Halloween is celebrated on October 31st, it's a holiday viewed by most people as a time to have fun, play dress up and let loose. Deciding what to be for Halloween could be quite a task, but do not fret we have gathered a list of stores that offer exceptional costumes for the perfect look for Halloween. You can choose from looking sexy with glamorous Gatsby-inspired costumes or channel your alter ego by disguising as your favorite superhero or cartoon character, there is something for everyone. Figure out what you want to be on this Halloween, it's only 13 days away!!!

  • Halloween Costumes

Here is a list of stores where you can get the perfect Halloween costume for yourself and the family at the lowest prices possible.

Halloween Express

This exceptional store carries the best selection of trendy Halloween costumes from fun to spine-chilling. Check out the latest in 2017 Halloween costumes for adults, toddlers and infants. Halloween express also offers themed costumes for the family, dress up your kids as superheroes, Disney princesses, cute animals, video games character etc. Hurry up and visit the store's site to get unique must have costumes and accessories for Halloween.

Costume Craze

For a remarkable selection of Halloween costumes, Costume Craze is the perfect store. Customers enjoy endless costume choices for boys and girls of all ages. Your furry friends even get to be a part of the celebration with cute pet costumes are including the well known Star Wars dog costume. Fulfil your costume needs with over 90% savings on clearance costumes. Costume Craze provides customers with various costume categories to cut down your choices, these categories include Star Wars, Disney characters, masks, historical figures, popular movie and television characters etc. Check out the store’s Halloween costume index to find the best costumes for Halloween. If you need special and distinctive costumes, the premium costume selection offers some custom-made options. Enjoy your shopping.

Spirit Halloween

For the best selection of Halloween costumes, Spirit Halloween is the perfect destination. The store has gained its popularity as the world’s Halloween costume base because they offer an extensive collection of various costume styles for any age. Still thinking about what to be for Halloween? Visit Spirit Halloween to allow your imagination play and have fun with your creativity by browsing through the endless options of unique Halloween costumes offered at affordable prices. The adult costumes range from sexy and risqué to creepy and scary. Get the Hocus Pocus, Stranger things, Rick and Morty and more styles. Make lasting memories with the family by dressing your little boy in spooky themed or superhero costumes, your girls as princesses, toddlers and babies are not left out. The most amazing Halloween is just a few clicks away.

  • Halloween Supplies

What is Halloween without spooky supplies? Check out the list of stores below for unique and essential Halloween decorations and party supplies.

World Market

Everything you need to set the creepiest Halloween ambiance can be found in World Market. Shop Halloween decorations including zombies, skeletons, skulls and other hair-raising pieces to make your home the scariest in the neighborhood. Get affordable Halloween lights, such as black lanterns, pumpkin candles and skeleton lights that add a bit of eeriness to your home. Asides from decorations, World Market has a plethora of entertaining necessities to keep your guests engaged. Create a modern and spooktacular table setting with boo-tiful dinnerware and orange colored tablecloths. Make this an unforgettable Halloween for your family and guests.


Shindigz carries a wide choice of party supplies, converting all your party concepts and imaginations to reality. Be it planning the scariest Halloween party in the neighborhood or a kid-friendly party, Shindigz is the store you want to visit for all the Halloween supplies needed for a successful pumpkin party. Frighten your friends into having fun with scary tombstones, skulls, skeletons, pumpkins, bloody decor, coffin and more exhibited around the party. Decorate your party in black and orange colors featuring cobwebs and witches. Shindigz has a special category of front porch decor with hanging skeletons, light up skeletons and talking skeletons. Celebrate the spookiest day of the year with inexpensive party supplies.


Organize a Halloween party that people will be the hot topic for months, a party that can not be matched by any other parties. Spencer’s will take your celebration up a notch with amazing decorations, daunting animatronics and scary lights. Create the perfect ghostly atmosphere with fog machines which adds a hint of mystery in case you have some spooky tricks planned to scare your guests. For an awe-inspiring party, shop Spencer’s exceptional range of animatronics sure to shock, excite and frighten your guests. Be it a snarling 3 headed zombie, a daunting witch with a spine-chilling laugh or petrifying skeletons placed deliberately in strategic corners of your home for a maximum fright element. Spencer’s has everything you need to make your party the best on the block.


Shop and enjoy unbelievable savings on Halloween supplies from Michaels. The store carries an extensive range of must-have Halloween supplies, such as craft pumpkins, spooky decor, scary lighting, candles and miniatures essential for a complete Halloween setting. Get your home prepared for Halloween with decorative spiders, skeletons, skulls, creepy wall arts, candleholders, and lanterns. Receive the hostess with the mostess crown with spooky miniatures like vampires, coffin, witches, mini mummies and more frightening pieces scattered around the house for the perfect Halloween ambiance. Whatever you choose to do for Halloween, do it right.

  • Spooktacular Makeup

2017 Halloween Trends

One of the world’s most celebrated holiday is getting closer, can you feel the chill in the air? Halloween is the period of the year where you can showcase your creativity. Get inspired with numerous Halloween makeup ideas, all you need is the perfect cosmetics and your creative mind. Here are some of the sizzling 2017 Halloween makeup looks worth checking out.

  1. Dead Barbie: With a few eyeshadow colors, contour palette, foundation and lipstick you can create a dead doll look. Nothing is scarier than a creepy doll.
  2. Cobweb eye: Create a spooky spider web eye or cat eye using just your liquid eyeliner.
  3. Galaxy Makeup: With the help of some tutorials and your make up collection, you can get transformed into a space queen or galaxy princess. The Galaxy make-up look is frighteningly beautiful.
  4. Zombie: This is a classic Halloween look, starting off with your daily make-up face, add some splashes of red, black, gray and brown eyeshadow all over your face especially around your eyes and nose.
  5. Sexy Vampire: This look is very similar to the Zombie look but you use fewer products. Accentuate your face with a darker powder shade, focus on your eyes with black smudged liner, complete the look with black lipstick. Be frighteningly seductive.

There are many more Halloween looks achievable with makeup. Visit Tarte Cosmetics, TAM Beauty, and Lookfantastic for must have cosmetic products and inspirations for the perfect Halloween makeup look. Massive discounts and bargain deals will surely help you to become a star of your party.

  • Halloween Treats

What is Halloween without delicious candies for trick or treating? Check out the store's below for affordable sweets and candies.


Shop delicious Halloween cookies from pumpkin pails, haunted gingerbread houses to spooky Halloween sugar cookies. Put a smile on your kid's faces with fun cookie treats, such as cookie masks and party boxes. Get a fun cookie jar filled with delicious cookies in various shapes like a cauldron bowl, haunted house, mason jar, pumpkin and more. Enjoy trick or treating.


Celebrate the creepiest season of the year with a delightful selection of cookies and treats offered by Mrs.Fields. Serve guests with an assortment of delicious pumpkin nibbler cookies, jack-o-lantern cookies, spooky sweet boxes and cookie cakes. Handout cute Halloween cookies to the trick and treaters that come knocking on your door. Mrs.Fields is the perfect store for all your trick or treats needs. Shop Halloween cookies today at amazing prices.


Halloween is just around the corner, the celebration is incomplete without mouth-watering candies for the trick or treaters that appear at your doorstep. Shop boo-tiful candies for the scary party. Enjoy incredible offers on spooky sweets, sugar skulls, zombie brains and more Halloween candy collection. Eat candies and be scary.

Halloween Shopping Season is already here! Non-Halloween online stores are also involved in this holiday and they provide the unbeatable sales and promo codes. So, don't forget to check our Halloween page and start saving already today!