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Should you choose to make your choice of shopping here based solely on Farfetch reviews, you will be amazed to know that even the raving evaluation of critics and customers alike, as positive they may be, can only scratch the surface. What about Farfetch selections? You have no idea of the mind-blowing quality that this iconic online fashion destination has in store. In fact, you wouldn’t believe if you were told. So, you know what they say, seeing is believing.

Farfetch outlets, scattered all over the world, are usually known for their robust building dimensions and their seemingly endless array of apparels, footwear, and fashion accessories choices. What makes Farfetch different from the rest? The answer is the same characteristic quality that makes it the best walkway boutique in the world, what is it? Dynamism! Farfetch features plenty mouth-watering popular and upcoming brands and label, alongside its very own selections, bringing panache, excitement, and unpredictability to your wardrobe.

  • Rayne

You might know this one by its former name, H & M Rayne, it’s British, and it was founded way back in 1899 initially specializing in the production of costumes for theatrical purposes. Okay, enough history. Though it has seen many changes in leadership down the years, its product quality has only grown better and better. So, casual or formal, it doesn’t matter, you can be certain that you are getting nothing less than “sophisticated” from this brand.

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  • Sandy Liang

Yes, it the same Sandy Liang that has been turning heads in the fashion world for some time now. Her designs are simple but yet classy. It’s hard to wrap your head around how she does it, what makes her clothing or designs different. However, one thing is for sure, there’s no letting go when you have one her leg pants or uniquely colored coats in your hand. No wonder she has been tagged NYC’s next big thing, probably biggest is a necessary superlative that suits her style and fashion demeanor.

  • Beaufile

This is a label you shouldn’t take your eyes off, at all. A brainchild of two Canadian sisters, Beaufile is a brand with everything we want in fashion. Stylish, sexy, affordable, and exclusive. No way someone’s matching a combo you rock by matching choices from here. Just like that, you can become a local fashion champion in your neighborhood with some Beaufile selections.

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  • The Volon

Taking its roots from a furniture company, wait, a furniture company? How is that important? The Volon’s style does really reflect architectural designs and shapes, a quality that makes its bags stand out, coupled with exotic leather accessories.

  • Ashley Williams

There’s just something about Ashley Williams’ selections that reminds you of high school. Exciting, heart crushing, and absolutely appealing, Ashley’s epic run-way events will always hit you with the 90s nostalgia, robbing you of every desire you have of dressing casually to any occasion.

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  • All Blues

All Blues, based in Stockholm, has a lengthy collection of pieces of jewelry that are epitomes of creativity emphases. Its products trigger a mixed feeling of extravagance and modesty that’s hard to explain. Are you a man or woman? With All Blues, that doesn’t matter. World’s most eye-catching jewelry is yours to own.

  • Magda Butrym

With a stream of critical-acclaim at its helm, steering it in the right direction, there’s no fashion label that kicked started at the very top like Magda Butrym. Ultra-modern dresses, trendsetting jackets, and voguish skirts, Magda is great craftsmanship plus contemporary fashion designs, imbued with the soul of the modern age woman.

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  • Reike Nen

If you believe that the little things are the ones with the most value, then Reike Nen is the perfect fashion label for you. Busting unto the big stage back in 2010, Reike Nen’s shoes still makes us feel that we are just seeing everything for the first time, and sure does have unique trademark designs to her indie label.

  • Savas

Have you seen Savas’ Sandra Mini or Caroline? Apart from its distinctive human-like bag names, yes, try to say that quickly 3 times. Savas has something we would all like to call a fashion superiority, that’s not concealing poor quality, but rather just pushes this brand to make better leather bags than anyone else.

new brands on farfetch

  • Shushu/Tong

From well-curated petal sleeve cuff label and extensive hems decorations, no brand pays better attention to details that Shushu/Tong. With a playful look without removing the feminine elegance, Shushu/Tong is really the real deal.

  • Neous

Combining comfortability and class is always something that most footwear brands dread but not for Neous. With designs that show a combination of genius and value, Neous shoes not only look different but also feel different.

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  • Y / Project

If you are a lover of the 16th-century outlook and have a futuristic mentality, Y/Project should instantly become your thing. The designs are perfectly crafted, selected, and the taste is for all ages and gender. Somehow, you just feel Y / Project offers the fashion styles of the now and tomorrow.

  • Wandler

Could be considered a baby based on time of existence but based on fashion standards, Wandler is an innate giant. With a combination of elegant but unpredictable colors and exquisite shape, Wandler bags scream class to you once set your eyes on it.

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  • Conner Ives

Known as the wonder kid of fashion, Conner Ives style is vintage incarnate adulterated with an ultra-modern sensuality. Still only 21, many fashion mongers are excited about the future of the industry because Conner’s vision is exactly what fashion lovers want.

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