Website Terms Of Use

1. Terms of use is the catalog of sites, promo codes, and information that can help users to find online stores’ discounts. You must be at least 14-years old to use this site. The majority of pages update in real-time mode.

2. Content

As some content posted at the website is added by users, we can’t check the truthfulness of information posted at the website but along with it we quickly respond to users’ complaints. is not responsible if the promo code posted at the site is expired or incorrect. doesn’t take responsibility for information posted by users.

3. Copyrights

All logos and graphic images are owned by their owners. If you think that we violate your copyrights, please, immediately contact us. We will promptly remove all violations according to procedures set out in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Copying and distributing of any materials belonging to DiscountReactor service are prohibited without the agreement of the administration. 

4. Users’ rights and obligations

  • It is forbidden to post information that can be harmful, offensive, or negative for other consumers. 
  • It is forbidden to post third parties' private data without their preliminary agreement.
  • It is forbidden to post referral links and other types of affiliate marketing, spam.
  • It is forbidden to post referral promo codes and coupons which had not been agreed upon by the administration.
  • If the promo code is incorrect or exists already on the website, it can be rejected by the moderator. 
  • The moderator can change the text of the user's promo code but the original conditions will be the same. 
  • The moderator can change the promo code’s expiration date at its own discretion (for ongoing referral codes for taxi services, car sharing, food delivery services, etc.). 
  • It is forbidden to add referral codes two or more times. If the user does not see your promo code it can be still moderated (up to 2 days).
  • The user can update their own promo code only when it has expired at the website. 
  • The previous promo code’s statistics (likes and dislikes) aren’t valid when you update already existing code.
  • The moderator can NOT publish a user’s code without explaining the reason. 
  • The advertising is forbidden (besides the advertising that agreed with the administration).
  • It is forbidden to use automatic services for the collection of information at the site (Robots, Spiders, and other scripts). 
  • It is forbidden to copy and distribute any materials without an agreement with the administration. 

5. Denial warranty obligations

You agree to use services without any warranties. We aren't responsible for your use of our website. We reserve the right to block a user's account in the case when its site activity violates our rules. Your shop will be added to the site after the moderator verification. 

6. Violations

Contact us when you find any violations while using our website.

We may earn a commission if you are using links, coupon codes and deals, provided by our team.

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