International Women's Day Deals & Discount Codes

International Women's Day Deals & Discount Codes

The International Women’s Day gains more and more popularity. Celebrated on the 8th of March, this day originates as an anthem to the difficult women struggle for the equal rights. Every year the whole world honor their achievements in social, political and economic spheres. Moreover, nowadays in United States it is celebrated to remind everybody one more time about tremendous work that all women do everyday such as casual care and concern about all the members of the family and household work, that in most of cases is just an addition to a usual job. So don’t take your women and what they do for granted. Congratulate your beloved sisters, mothers, wives, daughters and girlfriends and brighten that day for them with a pleasant gift. Have you already counted a lot of women to whom you want to show your feelings of love and respect? Don’t worry. A lot of online stores support the celebration of this day by offering a lot of discounts that makes possible to get the best gift ideas to all of them at the best possible price. It’s up to you how to surprise - prepare her a delicious dinner or cover her with diamonds, our team of discount hunters gained all the best coupon codes, sales, blowouts and free shipping deals with the view of bringing equal joy to the presentee and the presenter.

Women's Day Facts

The International Women's Day, as well known as International Working Women's day has a comparatively short history. It is known to originate from a gathering of 15,000 women in New York that marched demanding for better work conditions. In 1911 in Copenhagen Clara Zetkin - the leader of “Women's Office” in Social Democratic Party in Germany - claimed that women all over the world had to become more stirring and vocal in their demands. With that purpose, she suggested picking a day to celebrate an International Women's Day every year. 100 women from 17 countries supported her suggestion. It took more years to start celebrating this day. In 1913 in Russia women gained their right to vote. It happened on February 23 on the Julian Calendar. Whereupon, as all modern world lives by the Georgian calendar this day is celebrated on March 8.

Though UN recognized this holiday only in 1977, nowadays they claim a theme of the year dedicated to the International Women's Day. There are still a lot of evidence of exploitation and oppression of women all over the world. Women still can't feel equality in a political, economic and social field. For example, only 22 countries on Earth had women as a country leader. Only 14% of companies from Fortune 500 are managed by women. The situation in the US is also required improvements, as it is already proved by statistics that the smaller a gender gap, the better a nation's economic situation. That is why US President Obama in 2011 claimed the entire March as a “Women's History Month”.

The International Women's Day is an official holiday in a lot of countries and their number rises. On that day all men usually congratulate their mothers, sisters, wives, colleges and other women in their surroundings honouring their tough casual work. It is a fact that nearly 54% of women living in the US are mothers. So get a cute bouquet of flowers and a small gift, cause it is another good occasion to bring a smile to the face of your beloved women.

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