Mardi Gras Promo Codes & Special Offers

Mardi Gras Promo Codes & Special Offers

Let’s discover some facts about Mardi Gras. It is a French Christian tradition that has come to the United States. You also need to know Mardi Gras New Orleans as the place where this holiday was observed for the first time. Nowadays, it is known in most cities as a carnival. People are dressed in colorful costumes and masks, for example, fairies, animals, clowns, Indians or other. Mardi Gras parade is usually followed by cheerful music, all participants are walking down the street and having fun on outdoor parties. In honor of this tradition, most online stores are offering promo codes & discount during this period. You may choose themed party supplies, costumes to get prepared or just browse other clothing, devices, skincare, and more products cheaper.

What is actually Mardi Gras?

Certainly, you have ever wondered about Mardi Gras meaning. Here are the answers to all your questions. This holiday is also known as Fat Tuesday and it reflects the last night before Lenten season fasting when you may eat everything you want including fatty rich food. Its origins date back to ancient pagan traditions of Romans when they celebrated spring & fertility in honor of Saturn, god of agriculture. It was a weeklong holiday, work, businesses were stopped and schools or other institutions were closed.

Mardi Gras traditions may vary in some countries or cities. But mainly this holiday lasts about one week with a culmination before Ash Wednesday. Traditional meals are pancakes and related sweet pastries or fried bread. An important part of this commemoration is a carnival. For sure, you have heard something about awesome parades, magnificent floats followed by loud music, picnics, and a lot of excitement. Participants are usually wearing attires in green, gold or purple colors adding long beads which may be caught from moving floats. You may also meet extraordinary costumes, crazy masks or other unique things. Whole families with kids, locals, as well as tourists, may eat great food, listen to traditional music concerts, and just have a great celebration.

The first place where American Mardi Gras took place was New Orleans in 1966. Nowadays, it has remained as a center of festival events. When the holiday comes, streets are full of all those colorful decorations, Mardi Gras beads, and cheerful people. So, if you wish to deep into authentic cultural customs, don’t waste your time, book a hotel and plan your New Orleans vacation today. Enjoy your unforgettable Mardi Gras celebration!    


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