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How to use a coupon code on TRUE Pocket Knives?

  1. Go to

    To place an order, go to the section you need and select the knives for your purpose, specify the purchase options, and place each product in the shopping cart.

  2. Check your data

    Use the shopping cart icon and click on the field to proceed to checkout after checking the correctness of the order.

  3. Apply promo code

    Select the field for entering the copied promotional code on the page that opens. Apply the discount after adding the code to the field. Check out the new advantageous total amount of your purchase!

    How to use TRUE Pocket Knives promo code

The best ways to save more with TRUE Pocket Knives

How often have you faced the need to quickly use a knife to solve emerging problems outside or while traveling? You need durable and comfortable products for such purposes, and TRUE Pocket Knives can provide you with them. All products offered by the brand are distinguished by stylish design, versatility, high-quality workmanship, and materials used. At the same time, the brand's devices are made as compact as possible so that they are convenient to take with you. They take up minimal space in a backpack or bag, but often play a big role in solving complex problems! Thanks to its compact size, the TRUE Pocket Knives will fit in any pocket of a backpack, jacket or car compartment. It also has a special device (clip) for attaching to a waist belt. Portable convenient products will be the best assistants at any time and fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The Sale section features the brand's products, the price of which is significantly reduced due to the TRUE Pocket Knives discount offered. You can also find convenient accessories for your specific purpose at a bargain price in the Limited Offers section.

Range of products 

The TRUE Pocket Knives catalog features branded knives, pocket tools, multi-tools, products for every day or for specific purposes, a variety of collections, and interchangeable and fixed blades.

Other benefits

The website has a rewards program, according to which TRUE Pocket Knives bonuses are awarded for each paid order and feedback left. A detailed description and illustrative photographs are provided for each individual product.

Payment information accepts major bank cards, PayPal, GooglePay, and ShopPay.


TRUE Pocket Knives free shipping throughout the United States is provided for every order over $50. Standard delivery is carried out in a period of 2 to 3 days, depending on the criteria you select. The TRUE Pocket Knives returns policy is valid for 14 days.

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