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If you still linger and wonder in what possible ways mushrooms could be related to coffee, RTZE offers a few bits of explanation. The first matter to give thought to is what Adaptogenic mushrooms are. Not all mushrooms have a common denominator with coffee. Only Adaptogenic ones do. Those mushrooms have been known to alleviate stress at chemical, physical and biological levels. Along the way, there are potent to fuel your energy tanks, make your focus razor-sharp and boost your immunity noticeably.

RYZE utilizes the riches of Adaptogenic mushrooms to make coffee that has less than half the caffeine of regular coffee. What RYZE's coffee will please you with is a delicious and creamy taste. What will keep you off are jitters and crashes.

RYZE mushroom coffee

Discount Policy

RTZE offers free shipping on the first order.

Whether it is going to be a one-time purchase or subscription depends on you of course. But you should keep in mind that a subscription, even a monthly one, will be cheaper than the equivalent of one-time purchases for the same period.

Check the area around the RTZE logo at the top of the webpage during high-sale seasons and holidays.

Travel through the “RTZE Promo Code & Coupons” page on discountreactor.com to gaze out at RTZE’s active coupons and pick up the ones that will serve the purpose.

Range of Products

RTZE offers mushroom coffee and subscription plans to savor that coffee without bothering yourself with making one-time purchases. Find the full list of items (flavors, packs, subscription plans, etc.) in the “Shop” section on RTZE’s website.

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Once reserved for Royalty only, Reishi aka the mushroom of immortality is a superfood that has deep origins in eastern medicine. No, it won't make you immortal. The reason why Reishi has the honor of being dubbed as the mushroom of immortality is the number of nature's treasures it contains. Iron, amino acids, zinc, and another 400 bioactive compounds constitute the potency of Reishi, empowering this mushroom with anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and other considerable health benefits.

We know that a mushroom always raises concerns, especially the ones the appearance of which clearly screams "Look at me, I am full of poison!". At RYZE's website look for the Reishi page. On this page, you will find direct links to research papers on medical mushrooms. After looking into what respected scientists have got to say, you will begin to associate the word "Reishi” with the “back by science” expression!

Buy RTZE mushroom coffee at a discount. Use RTZE’s promo codes as per the guide below:

  1. Add RTZE’s mushroom coffee to the cart;
  2. View the cart and proceed to the checkout;
  3. Bring one of RTZE’s promo codes to the “Discount code” field and press “Apply”.

Other Benefits

Refer a friend. When that friend of yours uses your invitation link to buy RTZE’s products, you will get $10 worth of a coupon. Your friend will receive a 10% promo code on the next purchase.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • Shop Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • G-Pay.

Pay by one of the following payment cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Shipping fee and delivery time will show themselves when your shipping information settles down at the checkout.

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