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How to use a coupon code on PandaVPN?

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    How to use PandaVPN promo code

The best ways to save more with PandaVPN

Browsing the web isn't as safe as you may think. Tech-savvy people can find your location and gain access to your personal data easy peasy. Luckily, most tech geeks serve the common good. They dedicate their lives to making the Internet faster, safer, and easier for an ordinary user. But the advocates of the dark force are wide awake, day and night.

You can always use proxy websites to browse safely. Yet a web proxy falls behind in terms of encryption protection. It is out of the competition when VPN appears on the horizon. PandaVPN will shield your online activity with cutting-edge ECC encryption. There is no need to delve into the science of the encryption technology this service utilizes. All you need to know is that no one will snoop on your data. No one will trace your browsing activity.

VPN becomes highly important if you tend to take your laptop out to a café and work from there. A public network is a dense jungle swarming with cunning monsters. PandaVPN will become a strong fort for your online activity.

Discount Policy

A limited-time offer will haunt you as long as you surf the website. A popup menu won't stop showing up now and then. An offer can be different depending on when you browse PandaVPN. It was a 12-month subscription at a $2.49 monthly fee plus 12 months for free when we were checking the website for special offers.

The greater the plan in terms of duration, the less it costs. The 6- and 12-month plans provide a user with an extra 6 and 12 months for free respectively.

Scroll the homepage of PandaVPN’s website for any special offers that may appear there. You are going to pick up deals if you are lucky to shop during high-sale seasons (e.g., Black Friday).

Sign up for the newsletter to have the company indulge you in personalized offers.

Check the top of this page for all active promo codes and other special offers PandaVPN accepts.

Range of Products

PandaVPN will tune your device to one of the 3000 servers in 170 VPN locations scattered across 80 countries. This long sentence can be simplified as follows. This VPN service has worldwide coverage. It means high speed and no buffering. Add no traffic limit and no longs policy to this brew and you will get yourself a well-oiled, stable, and fast connection around the clock.

Protect all your devices. PandaVPN offers user-friendly solutions for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Android TV. Install an app (for PC or cellphone/tablet) to manage your devices.

All the benefits you’ve just learned are likely to lead you to the following conclusions. Let’s get PandaVPN and see whether it walks the walk for real. Choose one of the following plans:

  • 1 month;
  • 3 months;
  • 6 months;
  • 12 months.

Other Benefits

The 7-day money-back guarantee allows you to test-drive the service at full throttle free of charge. If you think it isn't worth the money, just cancel the subscription.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • PayPal;
  • UnionPay;
  • Qiwi Wallet;
  • Mobiamo;
  • Mint.

PandaVPN accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

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