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The Special Offer is expired Applied 278 time - note online, pictures, transcription offers a big help to modern people by means of its Otter Assistant. In the busy modern world people wish to manage lots of things not to lag behind others.

Otter Assistant can be your constant help during Zoom meetings and other business occasions when you need brief or detailed notes or voice recordings of the participants when you are absent or cannot engross yourself into meetings. Otter Assistant can also help you to share all the necessary information with your friends or business partners. 

How to get Otter Assistant with a discount 

If you create your Otter account and click the line "Sign up for free", you will be given 600 minutes of transcription free per month from the program. 

Range of products offers the following types of transcription service: Basic, Pro and Business. You can acquire Basic service for free, Pro costs 8.33$ per month, Business one is 20$ per month. 

How to get your Otter Assistant 

  1. Click the "Get Otter for Android" line and find yourself in "Google Play Market". 
  2. Click the "Open" line and download 
  3. Create your account to get 600 minutes free per month. 
  4. Click " Get Pro" or "Get Business" if you would like to choose your service for fees. 

How to acquire Otter Pro or Business plan with a discount

  1. Get the most profitable promo code from this page.
  2. Choose an Otter plan that meets all your needs in the "Pricing" section.
  3. Click the "Buy now" button.
  4. Find a "Coupon code" field, put the promo code there, and get your reduced price. 

Other benefits 

Apart from recordings, transcribing and sharing information, Otter Assistant will help you with your business plan by highlighting the most important information, providing meeting analytics and summary keywords. Otter Assistant will also be of great help for your education. 

Payment information accepts all major credit cards.


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