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15 %
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15 %
The Special Offer is expired  Applied 6 time
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30 %
The Special Offer is expired  Applied 9 time
Worked for 100%
20 %
The Special Offer is expired  Applied 14 time
Worked for 100%

How to use a coupon code on Lucid?

  1. Choose promo code

    Push “Show Coupon” or “Get the Deal” to make the preferred Lucid promo code spring up. Collect the best-liked discount code by saving it to the clipboard.

  2. Visit the store's website

    Follow to discover hybrid mattresses, toppers, pillows, and more bedroom essentials.

  3. Select an item

    Fill the shopping cart with luxury, innovative mattresses, bedding, bed frames, toppers, accessories, and bundles.

  4. View the shopping cart

    Click on the “Cart” entry at the top-right corner of the page. Hit “View Cart” at the lower-right corner of the page.

  5. Paste the code

    Click on the “Add Coupon” entry below the list of the added products in the shopping cart. Paste the saved promo code in the “Enter your coupon code” box and hit “Apply”.

  6. Apply promo code

    Proceed to checkout – you can enter the code there as well. Hit the “Coupon Code” entry in the Order Summary, enter your code in a drop-down box, and hit “Apply”.

    How to use Lucid promo code

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