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The best ways to save more with Home Labs

Your home is your castle. Even though you may have locks that cannot be easily picked, audio and video surveillance, motion detectors, and other home security accessories, it won't make it a true castle. Because there are things that never mind your locks, cameras, and other safety features. Dust mites, mildew, viruses, and bacteria walk into your home without bothering to knock on the door. These kinds of guests are never welcome. But it is your humid home with polluted air that creates a perfect habitat for those unwelcomed things to thrive.

HomeLabs’ 50 Pint dehumidifier teams up with Popular Science true HEPA air purifier to keep your house comfortable. From the moment these two devices get down to business, you won't have to worry about allergens and pathogens again.

HomeLabs offers a variety of other home and office appliances besides dehumidifiers and air purifiers. You can get portable air conditioners, mini refrigerators, indoor grills, fryer ovens, and other pieces of home and office equipment.

Discount Policy

Sign up for the mailing list and receive a 10% off your first purchase. Fill up a pop-up menu and press "Get my 10% off".

It is time to explore the orchard of special offers. What can be a better place to fumble for discounts than a homepage? Start your descent from HomeLab’s homepage at the navigation menu. The area below it greets headline-hitting sales and deals when a high-sale season comes over.

Climb down the homepage. Pass by the list of product categories. What you are going to find right below them will make you pull to a halt. There will be two sections. These are "Best-sellers" and "Sales". Each one has items appearing with a new, discounted price point typed in red.

Check the “Clearance” section. See the navigation menu to enter the land of sales items.

See the “HomeLab Promo Code & Coupons” page on our website. The webpage rakes together all ready-to-use promotions and special offers the store accepts at any given time.

Range of Products

Home Labs' small electric appliances suit homes, offices, and dormitories. The latter considerably benefits from small appliances such as mini-fridges, portable air conditioners, dehumidifiers, and air purifiers. You cannot make an overhaul in a dorm and install a full-scale HVAC. Yet it doesn't mean you have to hunch over books in a humid, hot, and polluted room. Home Labs will change this status quo.

Shop the store for small home and office appliances in the following product categories:

  • Dehumidifiers;
  • Air Care;
  • Refrigeration;
  • Air Conditioners;
  • Household Appliances;
  • Home & Living.

Other Benefits

Returns are fast, easy, and charge-free. You have 30 days to ship the purchase back for exchange or a full refund.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • Shop Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • Amazon Pay;
  • G-Pay.

Pay by payment card:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


U.S. customers qualify for complimentary shipping for all orders. 

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