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Hidizs - ap80, sonata hd, bluetooth receiver

Hidizs began its journey in the times when portable HiFi devices saw the world for the first time. At those times, very few people cared about HiFi music. Hidizs’s founder Tamson was one of those who cared. He had the vision that HiFi would become the only way people would use to listen to their music. That was the reason why 40 audiophiles with decades of combined experience followed Tamson in his vision to create a crystal-clear listening experience. As the AP80 aired in 2014 (the Pro version followed shortly after),Hadizs lifted off. The company has become an award-winning brand (the VGP prize for three years in a row – 2019-2021) of portable music players, earphones, and amplifiers born to this world to delight you with HiFi lossless music.

Discount Policy

The most viable deals appear in the upper part of the home page. It is also a good place for coming products and Kickstarter project announcements to spring up. As you surf the home page, heading down the street, you will find best-sellers. Look for sales discount tags next to their product icons.

Hidizs’s Promo Code & Coupons section on our website is the best place in the sun for coupons and other special offers. Surf the page to mine coupons best suiting your shopping experience.

Range of Products

Hidizs’s HiFi devices are made to take your listening experience to a whole new level. The product categories go as follows:

  • Portable Music Players (Hidizs AP80 and AP80 pro take the lead)
  • Amplifiers (Hidizs Sonata, S3, and S8 see the customers’ carts most often)
  • Earphones;
  • Bluetooth receivers
  • Accessories.

How to Use Coupon Code

Physiologists say we’ve got to be open to the surroundings and communicate with people. What if you are not into it at the moment? What if you want to spend a few hours in a bubble? Hidizs’s HiFi will reproduce your favorite music with high fidelity. All you need is to close your eyes, press the play button and savor the feeling of having those singers performing on the stage just for you. Get Hidizs’s HiFi feature with a discount. Learn how to turn your promo code into a discount in the guide below:

  1. Rake items together in the bag;
  2. View the cart to make sure you have put everything you need in there;
  3. When the check is done, press the “Checkout” button;
  4. The “Coupon code” field appears on your right. Fill the field and press “Apply”.

Other Benefits

Hidizs is on the Kickstarter. Check the ongoing projects they have there. With your support, you can have upgraded versions of Hidizs devices much faster!

Payment Information

Express checkout is available via

  • PayPal

Traditional payment services are

  • Visa;
  • Discover;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express.


Standard shipping (7-28 business days) is free of charge. Expedited shipping (4-7 business days) will set you $30 back. 

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