Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day Sales

The 26 of December is now well-known as Boxing Day. It is one extra day after Christmas that you may spend with your family and friends. If you with your company can not agree should you go to the restaurant, to the cinema or ice-skating, there is one universal option – to go shopping. Especially if you didn’t get a present that you wanted for a Christmas. Stores are interested in getting rid of all the items that left in stock before the new year beginning. So, Boxing Day kicks off doorbuster sales in most of the shops. What is Boxing Day? Boxing Day is already a public holiday in some states in the USA. If you are not lucky to live in Kansas, New Hampshire or Texas you may consider taking a day off from work cause it is an outstanding opportunity for thrifty shopping. In case you have to go to work – don’t lose heart! The main feature of online shopping is that you can do it everywhere. No matter if you are at home, at the office or hang out with Santa at Lapland. If there is the Internet, then incredible Boxing Day sales will reach you and turn this day into major shopping day for you. Use coupon codes that DiscountReactor team gathered for you from such shops as Macy’s, Wayfair, Best Buy, Amazon, Notino and much more.

Why Boxing Day is called so?

All over the USA, the UK, and some other European countries, the next day after Christmas is generally known as Boxing Day. On this holiday, people usually relax, eat up leftovers of the previous celebration, visit sporting events or have some shopping. Why is it called Boxing Day? Nobody knows exactly. First of all, you need to remember that it has nothing common with boxing sport. Some persons may suggest that it’s not enough to have just Christmas celebration, for this reason, a new extended holiday was added. But the truth is rooted in history & traditions. So, let’s discover some interesting theories.

Many historians think that this holiday started in the Middle Ages. Next morning after Christmas, churches opened alms boxes and gave out donations to poor people. Some churches have remained Boxing Day traditions and still open such boxes.

There is another assumption. In wealthy families, servants often must work on Christmas. But then they had a day off when they could celebrate the holiday on their own and spend some time with families. On Boxing Day, they were also given “boxes”, so-called gifts from employers.

Others believe that it was named after a nautical tradition. Seamen have a belief, money on board is for good luck. That’s why many sailing ships have sealed boxes. If voyage was successful, sailors gave their box to a priest, then he opened it and distributed money to those in need.

But these are only unproven Boxing Day facts which may be altogether correct. You may celebrate as you wish. Here is one more thing you also need to know, Boxing Day is considered as a major shopping event worldwide. Many stores offer post-Christmas sales. Moreover, as online shopping becomes more popular, shops’ websites are also providing huge price reductions or discount codes. So, keep calm and enjoy Christmas & Boxing Day celebrations.


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