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We rarely mark really stunning logos, but what YY Nation’s got to say is something we want you to hear out.

This is what YY Nation’s team has got to say about the footwear they make, “Light on your feet, light on the planet”.

Each pair of YY Nation’s shoes speaks of sustainable manufacturing clearly and loudly. YY Nation is a zero-carbon certified brand. It doesn’t mean that no pollutants leave a factory as a pair of shoes is being made. It means that the company makes up for that amount of pollutant by growing forests, fostering natural wildlife, etc.

In addition to zero-carbon efforts, YY Nation engages in recycling and upcycling initiatives. All those efforts make YY Nation’s footwear light on the planet and light on your feet.

Discount Policy

Subscribe to YY Nation’s newsletter to receive the latest updates and exclusive offers. The very subscription itself may bring you an encouraging special offer in the form of a promo code.

Land on the homepage of YY Nation’s web store and head north. What you are looking for will be at the most northern point of the website. A black stripe cuts through the very top of the page. The stripe welcomes headline-hitting special offers that spring up during holidays and high-sale periods.

Visit the "YY Nation Promo Code & Coupons” section to see all YY Nation’s active promo codes and other deals.

Range of Products

YY Nation offers men’s and women’s shoes that are light on your feet and light on our planet. The list of YY Nation’s product categories is shoe collections. They are the same for men and women and go as follows:

  • Cirro;
  • Alto;
  • Nimbo;
  • Strato;
  • Accessories.

How to Use Coupon Code

YY Nation says that once proud and meaningful, the "sustainability" word has become a trend rather than something that serves the cause it denotes. Companies have turned sustainability into a buzzword. They are buzzing about serving the good cause of making our planet a better place but do little or no actual work!

YY Nation provides evidence supporting its claims. This shoe brand holds many certifications such as Thinkstep, Zero Carbon, RWS, OEKO-TEX, Forest Stewardship Council, and USDA-certified biobased products. For YY Nation, sustainability is a good cause they work towards, not a buzzword.

You can join the good cause as well. No, you don't have to learn how to make shoes. All you need to do is to buy them. Replenish your shoe collection with YY Nation’s sustainable footwear cost-efficiently. Use YY Nation’s promo codes as per the guide below:

  1. Add YY Nation’s shoes to the cart;
  2. The cart summary menu appears on the right side of your screen. View the contents of the cart and proceed to the checkout;
  3. Place one of YY Nation’s promo codes in the "Discount code" field and press "Apply".

Other Benefits

Afterpay allows you to pay for YY Nation’s shoes full or in 4 interest-free installments.

Payment Information

Pay online via:

  • Shop Pay;
  • PayPal;
  • G-Pay.

Use one of the following plastic cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Shipping is free of charge across the United States on all orders over $90. 

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