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Rugby football, soccer, basketball, and any other sports games that take place in a rectangular area give one less piece of butt pain to you as a couch. You don't have to haul yourself to distant points to track the progress of the game. You have your team sitting ducks. Yet there is no way you can capture every single move of every single player. But Pixellot Air camera can do it!

Pixellot Air is an efficient add-on to static recording systems. The camera is mounted on a post and can be elevated high above ground level. It provides an excellent view of your team's performance, capturing every away and home game!

PixellotYou sales and discounts

Discount Policy

Each one of the camera and subscription packages offers a 30-day free trial.

If you happen to shop Pixellot’s web store on the eve of big holidays or high-sale seasons, travel through the homepage of Pixellot to look for special offers.

Pixellot’s discount policy is scarce. You shouldn’t expect the torrential flow of deals. The company doesn’t issue them that often and in great quantities. Yet you can find all promo codes and deals that are currently accepted at Pixellot’s website on discountreactor.com. Check the “Pixellot Promo Code & Coupons” page on our website.

Range of Products

Pixellot’s cameras are inseparably knitted with subscription plans. The latter grant you access to Pixellot’s e-platform where you can upload, manage, assess, and utilize many other tools to gain a profound insight into your team’s performance. Pixellot’s camera and subscription packages go as follows:

  • Pixellot action;
  • Pixellot air;
  • Assemble your own subscription (customizes the number and type of cameras and subscription features).

How to Use Coupon Code

One of the most loved features of Pixellot Air cameras is the integrated viewing and analysis system. The dual-platform allows parents and coaches to plug in via their smartphones (or anything that has a screen and connects to the web), watch a tournament, and relive the moments of truth. 

For conditions where Pixellot air appears to be inconvenient, Pixellot offers a viable alternative. Let’s introduce the Pixellot action camera. This device also utilizes an integrated viewing and analysis system. But the competitive edge of this camera is portability. The camera goes along with mounting gear, an SD card, and a spare battery to record for hours without a socket.

Equip your team with premium video recording equipment using Pixellot’s promo codes. Follow the guide below:

  1. Add one of Pixellot’s camera and subscription packages to the cart. Compete for the 5-step guide on Pixellot’s website to find a subscription plan that suits you best;
  2. If you’ve reached the Check Out, the final stage of the guide, it means you are one step away from making a purchase;
  3. Locate a suitable field at the Check Out stage and enter Pixellot’s promo code.

Other Benefits

Look for the “Schedule a demo” button in the upper-right corner of Pixellot’s webpage. This option allows you to test how Pixellot’s cameras and subscription packages work.

Payment Information

Pay online via PayPal.

Use one of the following debit or credit cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Shipping fee and delivery time are calculated at the checkout after you fill out shipping forms. 

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