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The best ways to save more with Thymes

Where does the saying "my home is my castle" comes from? We don't encourage you to leave this page and engage your research capacity at full throttles. Just try to build a logic chain. Your home isn't literally a fortified building (just imagine what utility bill would look like, especially if you live in a place where winter strikes down hard, unleashing the immense power of raging blizzards that may last for months. The "castle" part of that saying is figurative.

Your sweet home is a place where you feel safe and comfortable. That place feels good, smells good, looks good, and sounds good. With Thymes, that sweet house of yours will do it all even better!

Bath & body treats, fragrances, home care, and other wellbeing products – those things make the formulation philosophy of Thymes.

Discount Policy

Don’t miss out! The moment you hit the home turf of Thymes’ web store, the “Don’t miss out!” message appears on the horizon. The message carries out the exit from orbit, the reentry, the letdown, and the touchdown. Type your email address in a suitable field and press "Sign up". See a 15% promo code let out the sails and head your way.

Among the many collections of fragrances, fir candles, moisturizers, and other bodycare and wellbeing products displayed at Thymes, you can find avant-garde ones as per customers’ favor. Those collections have the “best-sellers” or “best” in their name. For example, you could find the “Best Moisturizers for Dry Winter Skin” on the homepage at the moment of writing this passage. Thymes’ pine needle Fraiser fit candle is coming out on the tops of those collections nowadays. Most of those items carry discount labels.

The “Sale” entry is the last but not the least in the main navigation menu. It leads the way to the pool of Thymes’ clearance.

The skeleton staff of Thymes’ special offers is settled in a special place. The name of the place goes as follows, “Thymes Promo Code & Coupons” section. Look for this one on

Range of Products

Thymes offers home care, skincare, bath goods, fragrances, candles, and many other products that will make you feel good. Shop Thymes’ web store by the following product categories:

  • Fragrances;
  • Home fragrance (this is where Thyme’s much-loved Fraiser fit candles dwell);
  • Bath & Body;
  • Home care.

How to Use Coupon Code

You cannot trust a brand only because it says that nothing short of plant-based, natural products leave the boundaries of their labs. Because that brand may simply be a retailer. You never know where they source their product assortment from.

But once a brand says that they manufacture their wellbeing products themselves, in their own factories, it makes for a whole different story to tell. Let's see what Thyme has got to say at this point,

“Our own expert chemists develop highly effective formulas”.

Each batch is thoroughly tested for bad stuff (parabens, phthalates, and SLS/SLES). Each batch is also tested for the good stuff. But it isn't an expert chemist that conducts the testing but Thymes' customers.

Give Thymes’ bodycare and wellbeing products thorough tests. Use Thymes’ promo codes to shop cost-efficiently. Follow the guide below:

  1. Add Thymes’ products to the cart;
  2. Click on the cart icon in the upper-right corner of the page;
  3. Inspect the contents of the cart and continue to checkout;
  4. Type one of Thymes’ promo codes in the “Promo code” field and hit an oversized “Apply” button below.

Other Benefits

Thymes accepts returns and exchanges within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Payment Information

Pay online via PayPal.

Use one of the following payment cards:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping across the continental United States.

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