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Popular TENA Coupon Codes and Discounts

DiscountDescription of dealsExpires date
25% Get 25% Off whenn Sign up 11/30/2025
15% Catch 15% Off Auto-delivery Items 11/30/2023
10% Get 10% Off Sitewide 07/31/2023
Deal Enjoy Free shipping on purchases over $50 02/29/2024
Deal Grab Men's Products from only $5.99 04/30/2023

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How to use a coupon code on TENA

  1. Go to tena.us

    Select one of the products, indicate purchase criteria, and place the specified item in the shopping cart.

  2. Create an account or log in

    Sign up on the site to proceed with the checkout process.

  3. Place an order

    Use the special field to start placing an order when you go to the cart.

  4. Apply promo code

    Add the saved code to the special field during the checkout process. The total amount of your order will be decreased as soon as you apply your promo code.

    How to use TENA promo code

TENA promo codes FAQs

  • How to use TENA promo code?

    Follow the step-by-step guide on how to use the coupon codes of TENA. Check our website to find the guide and learn how to turn your promotion into a discount. Contact our customer care if the progress gets bogged down and won't move.

  • Does TENA offer any specials deals or discounts?

    We would like to please you with 8 valid coupon codes and discounts to use at checkout. While abundant in quantity, the quality of some promotions is often lacking. But we collect and display only the most viable ones. Pick them up on our website.

  • Does TENA's shipping policy offer discounts?

    Yes, shipping is complimentary. The cost of delivery for your order will be fully covered. Sometimes the minimum order is required. Fill the shopping bag with items to your liking, proceed to checkout and enjoy free shipping.

  • Are there stores that carry similar products like TENA that I can get promo codes for?

    We’ve collected related stores to TENA here. We understand that you aren’t going to look for related stores unless they have juicy special offers to present. Check the list we have assembled to discover stores with similar products accompanied by promotional codes, sales and other deals.

  • What types of offerings does TENA give discounts on?

    There is an abundant supply of offerings for category Health & Beauty. You may find walking the grounds of the homepage as a good starting point to befriend the assortment. The best representatives of the range of offerings stand in all their splendor there.

The best ways to save more with TENA

Incontinence in adults, both men, and women, and the elderly manifests itself in different ways that can be caused by various reasons. Treatment takes time, in order for a person to continue to lead a normal life, it is necessary to choose the right urological absorbents. TENA pad absorbs urine very quickly, the absorbent layer of the TENA urological pad consists of a mixture of superabsorbent and cellulose fibers, which provide very fast absorption, and moisture is instantly distributed inside the pad. TENA pads block odor by not only keeping moisture inside but also preventing odor by blocking the bacteria growth that produces odorous ammonia compounds. With the right selection of absorbent urological products, people with incontinence continue to lead normal life.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The company offers TENA discount for certain types of manufactured products from time to time, allowing you to save on the hygiene items you need. Information about all events is sent via email.

Range of products 

For the convenience of customers, TENA's product range includes products for men and women, incontinence pads of moderate medium and maximum absorbency, incontinence underwear, fixing pants, etc.

Other benefits

As TENA bonuses, buyers are offered the opportunity to purchase free samples, as well as receive detailed information about each product with detailed instructions and directions for use.

Payment information 

tena.us accepts major bank cards, and PayPal.


TENA free shipping throughout the United States is provided for every order over $50. Estimated delivery time will be displayed at checkout before you choose to make payment. TENA returns are not accepted, every purchase is final.

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