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When is the best time to buy at Samplize?

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How to use a coupon code on Samplize?

  1. Make an order

    To place an order, go to the section you need and select the samples, specify the purchase options, and place each product in the shopping cart.

  2. Go to checkout

    Select the field for entering the copied promotional code on the page that opens.

  3. Paste the coupon

    Apply the discount after adding the code.

    How to use Samplize promo code

The best ways to save more with Samplize

Faced with a frustrating wall painting process that resulted in the intended color of the purchased paint not matching the one applied to the wall, Samplize thought about creating peel and stick paint samples that fully reproduced all the colors and shades of the finished product. No more frustrating, wasteful expenses when you do not get the desired effect, just put a sample on the wall and peel it off, and you will see the color of the paint you plan to purchase. Samplize's services are used by designers, contractors, as well as those who plan to carry out repairs in their own home, saving themselves from loss of money, and frustration, buying only those products that really match the interior and which they want to use for the renovation.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The online store offers a welcome $5 Samplize discount after signing up on the website. Promotions and sales offer the most significant opportunities to save.

Range of products 

Customers of the Samplize online store will be able to select peel and stick paint samples that they plan to use for your renovation. A wide variety of colors, shades and paints from different manufacturers are presented.

Other benefits

As Samplize bonuses, the company offers you samples that are hand-painted with a certain color of paint. Scan and match colors, you can quickly choose the color from 3 suitable options with the help of a special application.

Payment information accepts major bank cards, Apple Pay, and Amazon Pay.


The online store offers overnight Samplize delivery throughout the United States for $6.95. Samplize returns are agreed with the support service.

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