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When is the best time to buy at Lomi by Pela?

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How to use a coupon code on Lomi by Pela?

  1. Go to pela.earth

    Click the following link and get to pela.earth.

  2. Select your box

    Click on the "Get Lomi" box on the main page of the site.

  3. Read the caption

    Read the product specifications, click "Add to Cart".

  4. Press “Add to bag” and then “Checkout”

    On the checkout page, find the field where it is recommended to add a promotional code.

  5. Apply the promo code

    Add the code you copied earlier and apply it to your order. 

    How to use Lomi by Pela promo code


The best ways to save more with Lomi by Pela

Tired of kitchen waste? Pela, known for its cutting-edge products, offers a new kitchen appliance called Lomi, which in a matter of hours will turn leftover food and waste into biomass for destruction. In the Lomi by Pela online store, you can purchase an innovative tool that represents a completely new technology that will help you cut your daily waste in half! The gadget contains special temperature sensors to control and accelerate the decomposition of organic waste into smaller, odorless, and dirt-free fragments. You can put your food leftovers and existing waste in this device, as well as utensils made from bioplastic leftover packaging products. This will give you a nutrient-rich mixture that can be used to fertilize indoor and outdoor plants and flowers.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The company occasionally holds promotions during which customers can purchase an innovative device at a favorable Lomi by Pela discount. In order not to miss the sales, follow the news via the newsletter.

Range of products 

Lomi by Pela offers an innovative device to reduce waste in every home. The device will significantly reduce your household waste and help you get rid of garbage.

Other benefits

You can get detailed instructions on how to use and care for the kitchen appliance, as well as watch videos on the site. By signing up on the site and subscribing to the newsletter, you will have access to new events and existing Lomi by Pela bonuses.

Payment information 

pela.earth accepts all valid bank cards. 


The price and terms of Lomi by Pela free shipping are calculated automatically at checkout, taking into account the destination, shipping method, and weight of your package. The Lomi by Pela returns policy is valid for 30 days.

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