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The best ways to save more with Meze Audio

If Meze Audio is a brand you see for the first time, we can help you to gain a general impression of the nature of this tech company. As befits the fan of crystal-clear, pure sounds, you must have heard of Marshall. This brand name epitomizes signature sound and premium materials. If it comes to buying a loudspeaker or headphones from Marshall, you just say, "shut up and take my money".

Meze Audio may be less known. It is a Marshall-like rising star. You just need to take a look at Meze 99 Classic headphones to get an idea. Just like its counterpart, Meze doesn’t follow any trends. By embedding impeccable audio quality in timeless designs, it develops and speaks its own authentic language. The 99 Classic fits the pickiest wants of avid audio lovers. The device delivers great aesthetic pleasure as well.

Sturdy built and precise assembly is what makes it so good to hold Meze's headphones. They look classy and please the ears with thumping beats and upbeat grooves. Meze is the synonym for premium sound and timeless design.

Discount Policy

Sign up for the newsletter and get a chance to win a handcrafted bracelet. Drawing takes place on the first Friday of every month. A winner is announced on Meze's Facebook page.

Explore an area below the navigation menu. There will be a clearing that serves many purposes, from introducing novelties to presenting deals during high-season sales.

Sign up for the mailing list to stay updated on new releases and exclusive deals. The company may indulge long-term subscribers with promotional codes.

See the upper half of this page to scoop out Meze Audio's promo codes. You will find all active discount codes that the web store accepts right now. 

Range of Products

Meze 99 Classic is the staple product. This model grows the most among music lovers. The headphones look as marvelous as the music they produce. You can tell a lot about a device that looks good. The design may actually be a key. Design is the reason why Apple's iPhones have been winning people's hearts for two decades! And so does Marshall. And so does Meze.

Meze Classic 99 cups are made of the wood grain. The surface is satin finished. It feels good just to feel the weight of the headphones on your palms. Meze Empyrean makes another illustrative example of what a truly premium thing looks, feels, and sounds like.

Meze Empyrean is the blend of a bit futuristic design, as usual, premium materials, and sublime craftsmanship. This audiophile device enters the constellation of the world’s most innovative magnetic headphones.

The assortment of Meze products unfolds on the homepage. You will find:

  • Headphones;
  • Accessories;
  • Merch.

Every headphone model comes with a detailed description of the intricate workings of a product.

Other Benefits

Most headphones qualify for a 1-year warranty. Meze Elite, Liric, RAI Penta, and Empyrean models undergo a 2-year warranty. Accessories are covered by a 6-months warranty.

Payment Information

Express checkout is available via PayPal.

Pay by card issued by:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.


Standard shipping takes 3-7 business days to deliver your order. The shipping fee is calculated at the checkout. 

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