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Kegg is a device that helps women monitor women's reproductive health and keep track of perfect days to conceive. Statistically, a huge number of women cannot conceive, the purpose of the device is to provide women with a convenient way to track their fertility in order to determine the best days to conceive. Kegg is an innovative device that syncs with your phone and predicts ideal days to conceive in minutes. In addition, Kegg has a built-in vibration motor that can be used for Kegel exercises to help women prepare for childbirth, as well as solve many women's health problems. You can connect the gadget to your mobile device via wireless transmission and get all the data you need for your health.

Kegg an innovative product for women's health

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The company offers a Kegg discount for its unique product during certain periods, which you can find on the main page of the site or with the help of a newsletter.

Range of products 

Kegg offers an innovative product for women's health, with which you can control the ongoing processes in the body and track the days to conceive a child.

How to use a promo code  

Get the opportunity to control your health with a gadget at a bargain price:

  1. Find the Kegg promo code that suits your needs.
  2. Then click "Get a Deal" and save the selected code.
  3. Go to
  4. Find the "Shop" button on the main page of the site.
  5. Check out the product offered, click "Buy Now".
  6. Find the "Coupon Code" field, add the saved code.
  7. Click "Apply" and make sure your discount is applied.

Other benefits

You can get a detailed guide on how to use the offered device, read customer reviews on the website of the online store, and also receive special offers and Kegg bonuses by subscribing to the newsletter.

Payment information accepts major bank cards, PayPal.


The online store offers Kegg free shipping for all orders throughout the United States. Delivery time can be calculated at the time of placing an order. The website has a 100-day Kegg returns guarantee.

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