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The best ways to save more with Ka’Chava

A valuable and nutritious Ka'Chava cocktail will make you forget what boring drinks are. By drinking brand cocktails, you will get the opportunity to fill your body with valuable ingredients created by nature itself and at the same time not consume unnecessary calories. Each product of the company is created taking into account the needs of the body for valuable vitamins and minerals so that your diet does not harm your health. And the rich aromatic taste of Ka'Chava will cheer you up and allow you to enjoy the process of drinking a unique cocktail. Organic protein, adaptogen, superfruit blend, vegetable blend, omega, and other healthy ingredients will fill your body with the necessary substances and make every new day bright and productive!

How to make a purchase with a discount 

Subscribe to a continuous restocking of products and get $10 off all orders. You can find additional Ka'Chava discount during sales periods, which you can find out with the help of the newsletter.

Range of products 

Ka'Chava offers a unique cocktail to fill the body with essential vitamins and minerals. Customers can choose different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, coconut, tea, matcha, etc.

How to use a promo code  

Fill your body with all the vitamins with a beneficial cocktail:

  1. Select the Ka'Chava promo code and save a unique code for future use.
  2. Go to Ka'Chava.
  3. Click on the bar on the main page.
  4. Choose the tastes of the drink you like, mark the subscription or one-time order and the necessary purchase criteria.
  5. Add items to your shopping cart, then click “View Cart”.
  6. Enter your code in the special field.
  7. Apply the code and your total amount will be displayed with the applied discount!

Other benefits

The company cares about its customers and offers them to earn on every purchase. By becoming a member of the rewards program, you will get the opportunity to receive Ka'Chava bonuses for the actions specified in the program, as well as earn $15 for each friend you refer.

Payment information 

kachava.com accepts major bank cards, PayPal.


All orders throughout the United States are provided with Ka'Chava free shipping when ordering more than 2 items. Delivery is carried out within 3-4 days. Ka'Chava returns are accepted within 30 days.

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