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When is the best time to buy at Groupon?

The number of promo codes by month

Jan 5
Feb 7
Mar 6
Apr 5
May 10
Jun 10
Jul 10
Aug 10
Sep 10
Oct 5
Nov 5
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How to use a coupon code on Groupon?

  1. Choose promo code

    To save money, select the Groupon promo code on the page provided. Copy the code for further use.

  2. Go to

    Go to Groupon.

  3. Select event you want

    Find the event you want to get a discount on, click "Get a Deal".

  4. Check you purchase

    Check your order and click "Buy Now".

  5. Apply promo code

    Take advantage of the opportunity to save even more and add the copied code to the special field during the checkout process. The total amount will become even more profitable after applying the code!

    How to use Groupon promo code

The best ways to save more with Groupon

Groupon is a service that provides everyone with ample opportunities for profitable adventures. You can always find great deals for visiting your favorite spas, clubs, and restaurants, for traveling and shopping for things you like. You can find up to 90% discounts on the events you are interested in, which will allow you to enjoy adventures and not think about the price! Wherever you are, you can always get access to discounts. In order to get real pleasure from entertainment and travel, do not miss profitable opportunities, because coupons really make your purchase much more profitable. Visit the Groupon section you are interested in in order to find great deals and enjoy the great opportunities that are open to you!

How to make a purchase with a discount 

Use the Additional Discount category in order to get up to 25% discounts on events of interest. Up to 40%, Groupon discount is also periodically offered for entertainment as part of ongoing promotions and sales.

Range of products 

The store offers coupons for a wide variety of entertainment, restaurants, shops, movies, etc. Go to any category to see what coupons are available and find the event you're looking for.

Other benefits

Stay up to date with the events with the help of a newsletter and save on experience by finding out about sales. Students receive Groupon bonuses on existing offers upon confirmation of their status.

Payment information accepts all major valid bank cards.


The online store offers Groupon free shipping for all orders throughout the United States. When placing your order, you can quickly calculate the delivery time based on your region. The Groupon returns policy is valid for 30 days.

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