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The best ways to save more with Butcher Box

What kind of criteria do you set when looking for a person to date and start a family in prospects? You may find it a bit bizarre, but we use the same criteria when looking for a person to date, friends, or even colleagues to interact with a bit more than just saying hi and goodbye. We want only those people to be close to us who do the right thing. So does Butcher Box.

Butcher Box doesn't partner with farmers who have a penchant for cutting corners. The company sources meaty content for its boxes from grass-fed and grass-finished beef. They make sure that not a single cow has ever had hormones or antibiotics in its bloodstream.

But what every cow or bull does see are spacious grasslands. The cattle graze on the open meadows, enjoying the spectacular views of sunlight sifting through the shallow clouds on a warm pleasant day. This is what we call humanely-raised cattle. And this is the cattle Butcher Box sources beef from.

Discount Policy

There are few things in life that are capable of carrying on an intrigue. Once the "Free Bacon for Life" ad comes into view, you cast serious doubts. And you have all grounds and reasons to be that suspicious. It sounds too good to be the truth. But what if it is true? At the time of writing this passage, Butcher Box was offering a pack of bacon for free in every order for the life of your membership. Following the subscription was an extra $20 off the first 5 boxes. It is still unbelievable, but free bacon for life is proven to be a truly special offer.

Unless you are lucky to surf Butcher Box's website during the high-sale season, you had better head straight for DiscountReactor's website. Look for the "Butcher Box Promo Codes & Coupons” page there. You will find all Butcher Box's active discount codes and other deals.

Range of Products

Butcher Box offers delivery boxes filled with grass-fed beef, humanely raised pork and chicken, and wild-caught seafood. You can get a ready-to-ship box or customize one on your own. Check the list of delivery plans below:

  • Customer plan;
  • Curated plan;
  • Basic plan.

How to Use Coupon Code

As you've already learned from the previous chapters, Butcher Box stuffs delivery boxes, not just with grass-fed beef. You can also catch wild-caught seafood in a box. Free-range organic chicken and humanely raised pork are looking forward to seeing your hungry look as you are finishing unpacking the box.

You can choose a ready-to-ship box or customize one. Butcher Box is offering 25 cuts as we speak. Each cut is frozen in its freshest condition. You aren't going to feel fresh out of fresh meat (pun intended). Every next order can be recalibrated. Who knows, maybe you are forecast to go into the orbit of seafood next time the box arrives.

Whatever you are planning to pull out of a box, make sure the discount codes you've collected have been put to some use. The guide to using Butcher Box’s promo codes unrolls below:

  1. Hit the “Get started” button in the upper part of the homepage of Butcher Box’s website;
  2. Select your plan;
  3. Choose box size and frequency of delivery;
  4. Select add-ons;
  5. At the “Shipping Info” stage of the checkout, look for the “Discount code” field. Bring one of Butcher Box's promo codes in the field and press "Apply".

Other Benefits

Refunds are available due to damaged packages, defrost, late delivery, or missing items.

Please note that if an order is delivered to a business address that is closed, a courier won't deliver the box until the next business day. The company won't accept any returns in this case because of defrosting. It is better to indicate the home address at the "Shipping Info" stage of the checkout.

Payment Information

Butcher Box accepts all major credit and debit cards, including:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.

Butcher Box doesn’t accept PayPal or any other online payment method.


There hasn't been a single case when Butcher Box would have delivered at a certain rate. Shipping is always free of charge. A box arrives right at your door. 

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