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Our lives are fast-paced. We rush to attend various things. We can’t miss out on an opportunity to embrace the whole world. But such a brisk pace ignites tension. This is the reason many people burn out. You need to slow down from time to time and savor the moment. Aplos would like to make your good company in this undertaking.

Aplos’s offers a non-alcoholic hemp-enriched spirit drink. The formula was born to bring pacification and relaxation to our world. Aplos is a toast to life itself. This mood-altering formula delivers an uplifting and calming effect. And not a single drop of alcohol is involved.

Discount Policy

If you accept a sing-up invitation, the company will reward you with complimentary shipping on your first purchase. Enter your email in the pop-up message and hit "Sign-up".

Aplos’s web storefront displays promo codes on the home page. Rest your eyes on the upper part of the page to locate seasonal deals. Many of them are coupon-based.

The next stop in our tour of discount is Aplos Promo Code & Coupons. See our website for all Aplos’s latest coupons and special offers.

Range of Products

Aplos’s deliver hemp-infused non-alcoholic spirit drinks. It is citrus-led, flavored with rosemary and ginger. Aplos’s product range boils down to the number of bottles to buy. The list of options goes as follows:

  • Single bottle;
  • Two Pack;
  • Six Pack.

How to Use Coupon Code

Aplos’s spirit formulas deliver slow pleasures of the mind. Yet they don’t yield in the awesomeness of taste. Aplos’s beverage is a mighty rival to your preferred liquor. Being alcohol-free, Aplos's drinks have no side effects on your health. Enjoy calming and uplifting feeling Aplos’s formulas evoke. Use promo codes to savor the moments of your beautiful life at a discount. Let the guide below show you the path to buying from Aplos’s at a bargain:

  1. It could be a single, two-pack of six-pack Aplos. Add one of the options to the cart;
  2. Hit the “Checkout” on a new menu sliding from the right;
  3. You can keyboard your promo code now. Find the “Discount code” field. It is hard to miss. Fill the field with the code and press “Apply”.

Other Benefits

You can drink neat Aplos or use it as a basis for other drinks. It can be on the rocks or as an ingredient for a cocktail. See Aplos’s recipe section for a few recipes Aplos has prepared for you to get you started.

Payment Information

Aplos accepts the following payment options:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • PayPal.


2+ bottles qualify for free shipping. Otherwise, the shipping fee is a $7 flat rate. Delivery time is 2-5 business days for the contiguous United States.

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