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When is the best time to buy at Airalo?

The number of promo codes by month

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The best ways to save more with Airalo

Airalo is an incredibly convenient service that not only helps to save on roaming but also requires almost no special actions on the part of the user. Providing yourself with such an eSIM for roaming is no more difficult than recharging your main SIM card. You can install and configure the application even before you leave, and, once in another country, you can easily turn it on and start using it. The price is significantly lower than most of the usual or local operators - the main advantage of the plans offered by Airalo. The service solves three main tasks at once: firstly, it offers quite affordable prices for mobile Internet around the world, secondly, it does not require you to pay for the SIM card itself, because it is electronic and is already in your smartphone, and thirdly, you do not lose connection. You can use the Internet anywhere, and you won’t have to pay for the physical carrier of the SIM card, since it already works on the user’s device after activation.

Airalo promotions and deals

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The service often offers Airalo discount that allows you to purchase digital cards at a bargain price. You can receive information about all ongoing events for each specific country in the email you specified.

Range of products 

Airalo offers to purchase regional and international eSIMs, which allows you to overcome the problem of high roaming rates and purchase electronic SIM cards for any country in the world.

How to use a promo code  

Get a digital profitable card for any country:

  1. Select the Airalo promo code and simply save it for later use.
  2. Go to Airalo.
  3. Sign up on the site to access further steps.
  4. Choose one of the offers for the country you are interested in. Choose a name for the eSIM and fill in the rest of the information
  5. Start placing an order and enter the copied code in the special field.
  6. Apply the discount and get a favorable total amount for your order!

Other benefits

If you follow your friend's link and sign up, you'll get $3 Airalo bonuses to purchase any eSIM, which is enough for a 1GB plan in many countries around the world.

Payment information accepts all valid international cards.

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