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How to use a coupon code on Aardvark Straws?

  1. Select coupon

    In order to reduce your purchase price, take advantage of the Aardvark Straws promo code, just select the code and save it for future use.

  2. Move to website

    Go to aardvarkstraws.com.

  3. Seelct paper straws

    Select one of the suggested eco-straws, enter your purchase criteria and add the selected item to your shopping cart.

  4. Go to cart

    Use the special field to start placing an order when you go to the cart.

  5. Redeem the coupon

    Add the saved code to the special field during the checkout process.

  6. Enjoy the discount

    The total amount of your order will be decreased as soon as you apply your promo code.

    How to use Aardvark Straws promo code

The best ways to save more with Aardvark Straws

The production of paper straws for drinks was opened in 2007 when the whole world paid close attention to the huge volume of plastic products that are thrown outside every day, special attention was paid to the volume of plastic drink straws that regularly end up in the aquatic environment. Aardvark Straws has made a contribution to the production of sustainable straws and is pleased to offer you a huge variety of products. The company carefully approached the choice of equipment and suppliers of raw materials for the production of paper straws, realizing that this product will come into contact with food, as well as often used by children. By continually updating its collections, Aardvark Straws allows you to purchase straws for a variety of uses, from every day to personalized options for business and special occasions.

How to make a purchase with a discount 

The most diverse straws from different categories at bargain prices are presented in the Sale section. The most significant Aardvark Straws discount is offered during the pre-holiday sales periods.

Range of products 

The store offers eco-friendly paper straws. Products are presented in different sizes, there are large, giant, cocktail straws; custom-made orders are also accepted.

Other benefits

Each product card contains the necessary characteristics, which include a detailed description, photos, and customer reviews. Subscribe to the newsletter for priority access to new products and Aardvark Straws bonuses.

Payment information 

aardvarkstraws.com accepts major bank cards, GooglePay, and ApplePay.


The online store offers Aardvark Straws free shipping for all orders throughout the United States. Delivery time depends on the production time and the delivery criteria you choose. Aardvark Straws returns are not accepted, every purchase is final.

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