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Valid 3 Weeks Applied 2 time
Valid 3 Weeks Applied 2 time
Valid 3 Weeks Applied 2 time
Valid 3 Weeks Applied 2 time

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Popular Crucial Coupon Codes and Discounts

DiscountDescription of dealsExpires date
30% Save up to 30% Off Special Offers 02/28/2023
25% Receive up to 25% Off External SSDs 02/28/2023
20% Grab 20% Off Crucial MX500 SSD 02/28/2023
10% Save up to 10% on NVMe M.2 PCIe SSDs 02/28/2023
10% Save 10% on your first purchase 08/31/2024

How to use a coupon code on Crucial

  1. Go to

    Hit “Upgrade my computer” in the navigation menu of Crucial’s website.

  2. Choose an item

    Specify the manufacturer of your PC or choose from the list on the website. Pick a compatible upgrade and add it to the cart.

  3. Apply promo code

    Click on the “Enter a promo code” highlighted text. Enter one of Crucial’s promo codes in a drop-down field below the text and press “Apply”.

    How to use Crucial promo code

Crucial promo codes FAQs

  • How to use Crucial promo code?

    Learn how to use the coupon codes of Crucial on our website. The discounts are looking forward to greeting you. Follow a short step-by-step guide to save money and help your budget be less restricting and more empowering.

  • Does Crucial offer any specials deals or discounts?

    Today we are willing to present you with 9 valid coupon codes and discounts. Pick the ones that suit your order best and bring them to the checkout. Once you give them a go, they will do their money-saving magic right on the spot.

  • Does Crucial's shipping policy offer discounts?

    Yes, shipping is complimentary. The cost of delivery for your order will be fully covered. Sometimes the minimum order is required. Fill the shopping bag with items to your liking, proceed to checkout and enjoy free shipping.

  • What shops with deals are similar to Crucial?

    Check the list of the related stores to Crucial if you want to find more similar products or their variations. We have rounded up tens of other stores looking forward to introducing you to their product assortments. Pick corresponding promo codes and other deals on your way to checkout.

  • What can I buy at Crucial?

    There is an abundant supply of offerings for category Electronics & Computers. You may find walking the grounds of the homepage as a good starting point to befriend the assortment. The best representatives of the range of offerings stand in all their splendor there.

The best ways to save more with Crucial

Like it or not, you will have to replace your PC at some point. Like it or not, it is the question of when not if. Why are things this way? Well, the answer is simple. We need to ask Mr. Gordon Moore to tell us all about it. The co-founder of Intel and Fairchild Semiconductor Gordon Moore carried out an observation that led to interesting results. Today we call it Moore's Law.

Moor’s Law suggests that the number of transistors doubles every eighteen months. In a nutshell, your PC becomes two times less powerful in two years compared to brand-new PCs of the same price range. Crucial will prolong the competitive advantage of your computer.

The Crucial offers a System Scanner that checks your hardware for guaranteed compatible upgrades among more than 175k systems. Hit "Try The Scanner" or "Try the Selector" to pick the right parts for your PC.

Discount Policy

You seem not to be able to stop thinking about a RAM upgrade, don't you? It could be just our guess. But if the guess turns out to be correct, you can pay 15% less than what the store charges as per market prices. Hit the "Apply my savings" button to unlock 15% off your first order.

Cast an eye at the dark blue band running widthwise the website. The band accommodates the “Shop the latest deals” entry. Hit the entry to access top upgrades at sales prices.

Turn back to the homepage. Cruise down the realms of the front page until the “Crucial deals” entry comes into view. Shop bestselling items at exclusive price points.

On your way to checkout drop by the “Crucial Promo Code & Coupons” page on our website. You will take the bearings of Crucial’s active promo codes and other special offers.

Range of Products

Many people are looking for a RAM upgrade. Speaking in a tech-savvy way, RAM provides apps room to access and store data short-term. In a nutshell, the more RAM your PC has, the more programs it can run at the same time. And the better a machine performs under a load of running apps.

Crucial offers the latest DDR5 SDRAM that compared to its ancestor DDR4 shows less power consumption, performance improvement, and two times higher bandwidth.

Upgrades don’t boil down to RAM only. You may need a new CPU, graphic card, SSD, and other components. Shop Crucial by the following product categories:

  • Products;
  • Solutions;
  • Upgrade my computer.

Other Benefits

100% guaranteed compatibility saves you from unnecessary returns.

If it does come to returning the purchase, it is all easy, fast, and free of charge.

Payment Information

PayPal is a safer, easier way to pay.

Payment cards work fine too. Use one of the following to pay for your order:

  • American Express;
  • Discover;
  • Visa;
  • MasterCard.


Free shipping applies to all orders delivered to U.S. addresses. 

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