Prom How-To’s: How to make? How to wear? & How to put on Boutonniere and Corsage?

How to make Boutonniere and Corsage?

How do I ask a girl to prom?

A tradition which exists already for more than a century is to gift a corsage to the girl who you asked to be your date on a prom. Not everyone actually knows what is a corsage and what to do with it? For those who don’t know - it is a grouping of flowers and foliage on girl's wrist that matches a similar grouping of flowers on guy's left lapel, that shows everyone that these two persons are a perfect couple. It is a characteristic of a mannerly gentleman who manifests his romantic courtship to put a wrist corsage on a girl's hand the first time he sees her on the evening. So asking a girl to a prom a young man should ask if she already has a dress or imagines it to know what may be the color scheme of their corsage and boutonniere to fit both her and his party looks.

handmade corsages

How to make corsage and boutonniere?

“How much are corsages?”- you can ask. In a store, you may find a corsage for $25 and above. But how about making it with your own hands? Besides it may cost you much cheaper, it will definitely be more valuable for a person you gift it to because you put a part of your heart in this corsage. Just follow all the steps:

1. Go to a floral online store. Best picks will be ProFlowers or FTD online stores. There you can find the most fleshy flowers. Decide which flower will have a leading role in your corsages for prom. Depending on the size and a style of a corsage that you defined in your head order from 1 to 5 flowers. Roses are most popular, but you can mix them with lilies, orchids, iris, tulips or many other flowers. Cut the stems of the flowers leaving up to 2 inches under the bud.

2. Visit FloraQueen store and find filler flowers or leafy green plants. This time choose rather unassuming flowers or foliage just to emphasize the flowers at the foreground. Cut the stems too and bind each of the stems with a floral wire or tape. Then attach flowers altogether with the same wires and tapes that you may find at Hobby Lobby. And your boutonniere is already done. It was easy, wasn't it? Just pin what you get to a suit or tuxedo.

3. Wrap around the small bouquet a colorful ribbon making a beautiful bow. You may look for ribbons at Michaels. The store offers a great variety of variants with different colors and width.

4. If you need to make a corsage, then purchase a special wristlet with a lapel vase and put the ready bouquet with a ribbon into this vase. Such corsage supplies you may also found at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

5. Pin the lapel vase to the bracelet or glue it onto the wristband. The bud should be looking at the elbow direction. Do you enjoy the result?

How do I put on a boutonniere?

How do I put on a boutonniere?

After you’ve made a boutonniere you need to wear it on the suit. Hold it with the main flower looking on the bystander. It must be located just a bit above the heart, in the middle of the left lapel. Push the pin from the backward of the lapel through the stem of the boutonniere. Then make a stitch pushing a pin once again through the stem and the lapel. If you have a big boutonniere that is not stable after fasting it with one pin, repeat the same with another one pin.

Be sure you will be one of a kind with a corsage and a boutonniere made by your own with your unmistakable sense of taste. Our team of discount hunters will surely help you make this procedure less pricey and more enjoyable. Browse our handpicked collection of prom coupon codes and discounts and make sure that handmade corsages and boutonnieres have never been so cost-effective.

Happy Prom Day!

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