Walmart is a well-known shopping giant that includes over 10’000 retailers. Small and medium businesses dislike Walmart, while average Americans adore the store for its variety of products and quality of service. This is due to the fact that Walmart squeezes out of suppliers the lowest price for goods, reducing the competitiveness of individual small sellers. This online platform has tons of benefits but now appears an opportunity to become a member of the Walmart family! Just join Walmart Plus.

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart+ is a loyalty program that helps regular customers to save on purchases with ease! Receive discounts on shipping, fuel, thousands of goods, over 4’000 Walmart participating pharmacies near you & checkout with your phone in-store. As a result, you can save over $816/ year.

Walmart+ Trial

First of all, Delivery Unlimited members get a Walmart Plus account automatically. For new customers, there is a free 15-day trial. Start a 15-day free trial within several clicks and enjoy unlimited benefits with Walmart shopping.

Walmart+ Pricing

Every customer can join Walmart Plus for as low as $12.95 per month or choose an annual subscription for only $98/ year.

Walmart Plus Shipping Options

When you join Walmart+, shipping becomes FREE on any online order. For purchases from your store, delivery is FREE on all $35 orders. Choose over 200’000 Walmart goods from grocery to toys & electronics with free shipping!

Fuel Member Prices 

As a pleasant addition to all Walmart Plus benefits, all members achieve a 5₵ discount on every gallon of over 2’000 stations including Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express.

Scan & Go with Phone

Using the Walmart app, all clients can scan goods in the offline store and pay for them from their account, bypassing the checkout. Just scan products, put them in the basket and get out! The order amount will be deducted from your account automatically.

So, if you want to become a prior Walmart member and enjoy exclusive advantages, start Walmart Plus membership, use promo & discount codes from the DiscountReactor website & grab extra cheap prices on top products!