In the United States, the tax season commences on January 1 and lasts until April 15. However, the deadline for filing income taxes in 2023 has been shifted to April 18. It all means that you still have plenty of time to fulfill your taxpayer's duty. But it is better to do the job today than indulge yourself in procrastination. 

Top 5 Tax Services

We tend to put off tax filing because it doesn't seem to be a smooth procedure. Even though you may have done it many times, there may be always something to cause you a headache. We believe, and we are sure you would side with us on this aspect, that you shouldn't waste more of your life on bureaucratic procedures than you can. The tax filing should be done fast and smoothly. For this reason, we've handpicked the top 5 tax services that will help you to get your taxes done effortlessly.

  • TaxAct guarantees maximum tax refund. Offering Free, Deluxe, Premier, and Self-Employed subscription plans, this tax-filling service will help you file your taxes with confidence and no headache. You can effortlessly import your 1099 and W-2 forms from payroll and other financial partners. The company makes sure that all the calculations are precise to the last penny. If a miscalculation does somehow occur, you will get $100k worth of compensation. TaxAct promo codes will make the subscription plans more affordable.

TaxAct Tax Services

  • TaxJar offers a could-based platform that automates the life cycle of your sales across all sales channels. From reporting to filing taxes, as well as nexus tracking and calculations, the platform will make sales tax compliance a piece of the cake. Automating tax compliances across 11,000 jurisdictions, TaxJar ensures that you submit remittances and filings properly and on time. Engage TaxJar promo codes to save extra on the tax filing tools.

TaxJar Tax Services

  • FreeTaxUSA covers all tax situations you can bump into. And it provides you with access to its services for free across all the subscription plans. Being IRS-approved, the platform uses top-rated software and supports free W-2 uploads so that you can have your information automatically filled out fast and flawlessly. The platform stores your info – there is no need to refill it all over again every year. Use FreeTaxUSA promo codes to get your return easier, faster, and more affordably. 

FreeTaxUSA Tax Services

  • EzTaxReturn suggests that you can get your tax filing done in under 30 minutes. The platform utilizes cutting-edge software that makes the complicated world of taxation an easy, smooth road. The tax filing process gets as simple as possible. Your tax returns will be filed accurately, timely, and in a well-oiled fashion. You will get IRS acceptance within 24 hours and receive your tax refund at short notice. With the help of EzTaxReturn promo codes, you make the tax filing more wallet-friendly. 

EzTaxReturn Tax Services


File taxes and get tax returns easily and fast 

Tax filing shouldn't be something you have to worry about. Life is already overpacked with matters to have a headache over. The tax filing services we've collected for you will help you to file your taxes and get your refund fast, in time, and with no obstacles to run into.