Brief historical insights: St. Patrick’s Day.

In some cities and towns in the United States, you can see shades of green on March 17. This is the color of nature, life, and prosperity. In 1737, St. Patrick's Day was first celebrated in Boston. New York City follower almost two decades later. As of today, many communities, big and small, dress in green and bring lots of green color to the streets to mark and celebrate the holiday.

Why does it get green all around?

It wasn't green in the beginning. Blue was the color you could see people wear in great amounts on the day. But at some point, green took over. It celebrates the shamrock, a low-growing clover-like plant used as the national emblem of Ireland. Along with wearing green clothing and carrying green banners on St. Patrick's parade, you can see this awesome color in more things. Even beers are dyed green in pubs to boost the ambiance of the holiday.  

Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

You can find many ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Your imagination is the only limit. Some classic thing to do on March 17 is to make your taste buds positively tingle from corned beef and cabbage. Once the terrific food gets cozily nested in your belly, you ought to go out and watch the parade of traditional Irish dances. It is all lovely and all green. If the idea-generating corner of your brain has taken a day off, we would lovely help you out. Check the list of curated TOP 10 ideas on how to celebrate 2023 St. Patrick’s Day below.

1. Gifts. There is no better way to celebrate a holiday than to present loved ones with some lovely gifts. Even a postcard may be a viable way to spread the cheers of the holiday. Walmart tirelessly pleases shoppers with appealing deals on such a wide spectrum of products. DIY craft supplies do wonders as a get-together tool. Building a birdhouse or making origami, with the help of Walmart promo codes you can get your supplies at a bargain price.

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2. Pets celebrate too! Your pet needs some shades of green too. You must have already set to celebrate. But have you thought about your precious four-legged furry friend? At Petco, you can get them ready to celebrate with toys, accessories, clothing, food, and more. A green funny hat is going to be a cute pick for your pup or cat. Use Petco promo codes to save extra on St. Patrick’s Day shopping holiday. 

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3. Cook a delicious dinner. The starting point of your St. Patrick's Day menu is a timeless classic. Browse the web to discover secrets to cooking perfect corned beef and cabbage. Cheesy potato cakes, beer cheese dips, potato scones, and more treats are there to indulge yourself in. There is one secret left to unveil – premium cookware. The durability of cast iron, the performance of stainless steel, and the convenience of non-stick are all great thrills HexClad offers to help you to break through the limits of your cooking potential. Reach for HexClad promo codes to welcome the revolution in cookware to your kitchen. 

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4. Bake Irish Soda Bread. Corned beef and cabbage work best in tandem with Irish Soda Bread. Easy and quick, this bread requires no yeast to rise. Though ingredients may vary across recipes, a key to mouthwatering Irish bread is high-precision baking. You need to keep it at exactly 375 degrees for 45-50 minutes. This is the kind of job for Anova's precision oven – a pro-grade appliance that keeps the temperature steady and precise for perfect results. Put Anova promo codes to work to make your Irish bread develop a perfect crust.  

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5. Kickstart a new hobby. For many people, a holiday is a time when they lift the veil off their long-slumbering talents. XTool would love you to discover something new to be up to in your leisure time. St. Patrick's Day Sale offers up to $1362 off laser engravers and cutters and a free mystery box up to $129.99. You will receive everything you need to create beautiful things with the power of the laser. A new hobby may grow into a prosperous business, who knows? In any case, you need to put XTool promo codes in the drive to save extra on your purchase. 

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6. Cuddle up on a couch and watch Irish movies. Or any other movies you can movies all the same. What matters is that you spend this day with your loved ones, wrapping them with your care and love. Cozy plush blankets and a couple of throw pillows and a medium-weight comforter will make your movie time a sheer pleasure. Use Macy’s promo codes to get all those soft and comfy pleasures of life at a discount.

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7. Create memories. You are going to make gobs of photos on that day. Your social media will be cracking at the seams trying to deal with the flow of content. Yet there is no better way to solidify your lovely moments than on 135gr satin touch paper. My Social Book will let you create up to 400-page photo albums from Instagram, Facebook, and more social media. Put My Social Book promo codes in the drive to create your photo book and save money along the way. 

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8. Green flowers don't exist in nature, but you can make them! If St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated in your area, you are going to see people flood the streets wearing and carrying green. The classic package of accessories includes hats, scarves, jackets, sneakers, and more fashion picks dyed in green. A green bouquet will surely stand out. Making a green flower is easy. Cut the bottom of a stalk and put a flower in water infused with green food coloring. The coloring makes its way up the stalk and into the petals, dying them into the green. 

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9. Any Irish roots? St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday. Have you ever wondered about how Irish you can be? Services such as Ancestry can help you find your origins in more detail and build a family tree. Irish or not, you will get clear-cut insights into who you are and where you come from.

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10. Stand for the green. On St. Patrick's Day, people dress up in green clothing and wear green accessories. The symbolic importance of this holiday is that we should change our lifestyle, switching to a greener way of life. It is a perfect day to increase awareness of climate change and teach your youngsters to better treat the environment. 

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Wrapping up

St. Patrick’s Day originated in Ireland. The Irish people who emigrated to the United States took the tradition with them. On March 17 people flood the streets of their towns and cities to watch parades, flaunt their green outfits and eat corned beef and cabbage. These are classic things to do on the day. We have broadened the horizon of activities you can enjoy on St. Patrick's Day and save money along the way.